‘All Killer, No Filler’ taught us that the perfect caption exists

Posting something on Instagram involves a whole lot of thinking (and an equal amount of guts). Don’t deny it: you’ve experienced caption anxiety more than once in your life. That feeling of staring at your screen for hours, willing an idea to come so that you can finally type it into the blank caption space, then holding your breath before tapping that ‘share’ button (and then immediately regretting it).

Spending hours grueling over that tweet or caption doesn’t mean that you’re a total noob. As it turns out, it’s a common dilemma for people of the internet generation.

This comforting fact was something that the audience at the Young STAR panel found out last Saturday at The 2017 Philippine Readers and Writers Festival by National Bookstore. Entitled “All Killer, No Filler: Effective Writing and Content Creation in the Age of Social Media”, the panel addressed those worries head on.

The panel was headed by Young STAR assistant editor and head of social media Tin Sartorio, Bridges PR digital PR practitioner Coco Quizon, and Sunnies Studios copywriter and managing partner for Milk Man Marketing Martin Yambao.

Tin started off with an emoji-filled presentation about the duties of a social media manager. For her, social media managing “takes a village.” She stressed that social media is a tool, and it’s not a matter of deciding whether it’s good or bad, but more of having a goal and using it to fulfill that goal.

Coco’s talk was all about the importance of building your own context in creating content. She cited three things to remember when it comes to online presence: Credibilité, Authenticité, and Communité. Of course, she used the ever-trendy brand Glossier as an example of a brand that has their social media strategy down to.

Using Instagram screenshots from accounts of brands like Sunnies Studios and Glossier, as well as celebrities like Kim Kardashian and Liza Soberano, Martin laid out the steps to stress-free captioning. Because, as he said, the perfect caption does exist.

The talk ended with a Q&A between the panel members and the audience, where we all walked out with this conclusion: you can make a career on social media, but it’s important to figure out what you’re good at in that aspect to use it to your advantage.

It’s lit, fest: Young STAR’s panel at the 2017 Readers and Writers Festival was a meme and emoji-filled affair. | Photos by Ina Jacobe