Karpos Live is done this season and we’re getting a bit emotional

Photos by Gian Nicdao


We never thought that this day would come, but alas, we just closed the very last Karpos Live this year. It all started with YS Fresh Produce Tom’s Story and Reese Lansangan last June 15 and quickly followed by Anderson .Paak and Karpos favorite Honne. Tom Misch, Vancouver Sleep Clinic, Clara Benin, Ben&Ben, Urbandub, The Royal Concept, Jess Connelly, and Bruno Major also dropped by the Karpos Live stage at Vertis Tent and gave us unforgettable nights.

It all seems like a lifetime ago and we can’t help but be a bit emotional. To score the closing of the season, they invited UDD (f.k.a. Up Dharma Down) and Cigarettes After Sex to play. At first glance, those two bands couldn’t be more different. UDD is more known for their electronic and chill beats, while Cigarettes After Sex has a more mellow, hazey sound. But that night, we realized that they served us soundtracks to two different generations.

UDD blessed the millennials coming of age in the early aughts with Oo and Tadhana. These immediately became part of the our daily rotation and burned CDs that we give to our crushes. When we reached “Sana hindi ka na lang pala aking nakilala” in Oo, everyone sang it with conviction. Who hurt this crowd?

Compared to my love for UDD, I only became familiar with Cigarettes After Sex just last year. And yes, I only know a grand total of one song by heart, which might be the same as everyone else: Nothing’s Gonna Hurt You Baby. But when the lights turned on, signalling the start of the last set, I noticed that, unlike me and my friends, the rest of the crowd was a) much younger than I was and b) actually avid fans. There were screams at the beginning of each song. A sudden burst of energy before the band mellowed out our hearts. They played One and Done, Sweet, and Opera House among others, immediately making them our faves. I’m not even gonna start with the simple light setup and the black and white projections of people crying on screen. Effective and impactful minimalism if I’ve ever seen it.

By the end of the night, we found ourselves standing behind this group of girls. Two people were recording the performance, while the other one was dancing with a pizza in her hand (a true hero). When Keep On Loving You came on, they squealed and jumped and whispered something to each other with smiles on their faces. It immediately reminded me of all the other times when the bands that we love played our favorite songs. We’ve seen the exact same scenario in previous version of Karpos Live, and yep, we got a bit emotional.

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