Jericho Rosales shares the travel tips that will take you literally anywhere

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Summer is about going on new adventures and discovering new places. Sometimes that adventure isn’t always planned, and that usually makes for the most memorable trips. But — here comes the dilemma — how do you pack for something spontaneous? I’d say just be a cowboy about it and roll with the punches, but there’s definitely a smarter way to pack your bags and get out of the city in a flash.

Take it from OG adventurer Jericho Rosales — the seasoned traveler has been to places near and far, and he’s got a few tips for packing a bag that can go anywhere. Which is also why he’s still the poster boy for Wrangler’s True Wanderer campaign.

What makes this year’s edition special (aside from Echo’s travel tips, which we will get to in a bit) is that the campaign is also Echo’s directorial debut, with videos featuring himself and Arci Muñoz, the brand’s first local female ambassador. The campaign’s main goal is to reward individuals thirsty for adventure, with nothing less than a P500,000 budget and an all-expense-paid trip for four to anywhere in the Philippines, Wrangler gear, a drone camera, and a tablet.

Excited yet? To be selected as one of the True Wanderer finalists, first you gotta show ‘em what you’re made of, and Echo’s got you covered with these tips on what you should pack.

Adventure is out there: Jericho Rosales is the poster boy of Wrangler’s True Wanderer campaign.

An on-the-go bag

This should contain all your personal care items in a pouch —  basically travel-size versions of the stuff you use to get ready every day. For Echo, it’s “a kikay kit with pomade, a toothbrush, dental floss, moisturizer, lip balm, cologne, deodorant, sunblock, and wet wipes.”. “My friends always forget to bring their own,” he shares. “It’s like I’m their kuya because I have everything they need wherever we go.” A true boy scout.


Gadget essentials

Hitting the road means you’re going to be hours (or even days) away from a wall socket. You know what that means: always pack a power bank, extra camera batteries, and chargers for each and every gadget. This usually goes without saying nowadays, but if you’re making a checklist, make sure to jot this down.


Personal medicines

The last absolute thing you want to happen is forget your personal medicine. Especially if you have allergies or are supposed to follow a schedule, or need meds that require a prescription. Don’t forget to add in some quick relief meds for headaches, motion sickness, colds, and the like.

On your way: When traveling, never forget to pack a pair of comfy shoes.

Comfortable shoes

These are a must. But please don’t think that comfortable means wearing those dad trainers, or that packing half your shoe closet is vital for those #influencer photos. If you really think about it, you can get away with one pair of shoes in most situations, you just gotta find the right balance between style and comfort.


Dependable clothing options

Like your shoes, you’ve got to have hardworking pieces. Echo’s advice: stick to basic pieces that are versatile, comfortable, and easy to pack and carry. “I just have my denims, white shirts, and jackets when I travel,” he says. These three pieces are super easy to dress up or down, and you don’t have to think about it too much when you’re getting ready in the morning. Remember: a good wardrobe foundation is the key to traveling in style.


To join Wrangler True Wanderer 2018, visit Entries will be accepted until April 12. For more information, follow @WranglerPH and check out #TrueWandererPH, #Live2Wander, and #WranglerPH.

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