Our ideas for new, much-needed categories for the E! Bloggers Ball

It’s been a hot minute since influencers have become part of our everyday lives. They’re in every nook and cranny of our online existence; some becoming celebrities in their own right, while some celebrities cross over to becoming influencers too. It was only a matter of time before they got their own award-giving body, and of course, the entertainment channel E! was there to oblige with the E! Bloggers Ball.

Now on its third year, the E! Bloggers Ball hands out awards for Look Who’s Trending, Breakthrough Influencer, Travel Icon, Beauty Icon, and the big get, Fashion Icon. The 2018 awards night was held last Sept. 23 at Shangri-La at The Fort and was graced by the most influential influencers influencing today. Of course.

Among the winners were Aryanna Epperson (Breakthrough Influencer), Alex Gonzaga (Look Who’s Trending), Tia Lacson (Travel Icon), Anna Cay (Beauty Icon), and Yuki Tansengco (Fashion Icon). One thing we couldn’t help but notice, however, was the number of awards. Despite the growing facets of being an influencer, the awards don’t cover a lot of ground yet — so we came up with a few suggestions. These may or may not be taken with a grain of salt.

Memelord of The Year
To be a person of the Internet in 2018 means you need to have a good grip of memes and how to use them. Not only do you need to speak meme fluently, but you also need constantly in the loop of upcoming memes, because as we all know — and as Heidi Klum once said — one day you’re in, and the next day you’re out.


Best Viral Jingle
With the growing sea of influencers influencing those who are willing to be influenced, it’s getting harder to stand out. But nothing — and I mean nothing! — is more memorable (and maybe annoying) than a nonsense string of words in a catchy tune. There aren’t a lot of influencers who make use of original music (excluding actual musicians, obviously), so this might be the next big thing (you’re welcome). This is really just a cry for help to replace Baby Shark, but you get my point.


Best Fiction Story
You know what’s just as bad as fake news? A made-up story meant to look real in order to get some RTs. If it ain’t real, just say it ain’t so: adding a disclaimer doesn’t make good storytelling any less entertaining. And what’s better than just calling out a fake story on Twitter? Calling it out on a big stage with all your peers in the audience. Call me petty, but that’s entertaining.


Best Actual Use of ~Influencing~
It’s long been established that there’s a certain moral responsibility for people with a significant following to use their platform for at least some good. I mean, did you see what happened when Taylor Swift told her fans to register to vote? Nothing more off-putting than a tone-deaf influencer.

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