#HumanHustle was a welcome break from the daily grind

Janeena Chan, Adrian Tongko, Noah Webb, DJ Arthur Tan and DJ Some Guy (Deej Fabian)

Good job. You made it to the end of another work week. The 9 to 5 hustle ain’t a joke, even more so if your tasks require a little overtime to be accomplished. While adulting can get the best of us at times, there is always a reason to celebrate. Finally figured out how to file your taxes? Finished your deadlines without that extra cup of coffee? It can even be something as simple as remembering to bring an umbrella and saving yourself from another run of shame under the rain, or being kind to yourself whenever you make a mistake. Hustling is great for our personal growth, but so is acknowledging our daily mini victories and celebrating them, if we want to.

At last weekend’s #HumanHustle Shopping Party, we were reminded that there’s nothing wrong with treating ourselves every once in a while. The Human branch in TriNoma was filled with goodies, snacks and friendly people to make for a perfect weekend. Here are some things we can treat ourselves to because we earned it:

Feel yourself, and take a snap while you’re at it.

So you’re rocking your new fave top or feelin’ your fresh new ’do. Weekends are for reminding ourselves how amazing we are, and that’s nothing a little extra #lewk can’t fix. Photographers Kitkat Pajaro, Kenneth Aballa, and Chio Gonzales captured everyone’s #ootd at the #HumanHustle shopping party. Look back and post your snaps. After all, it’s a waste of a #lewk if it doesn’t go on your Instagram.

DJ Rammy Bitong
Una Ilarde and RA Alfonso
Lorenz Namalata, Raymond Ang, and Regine David
Janeena Chan, Vina Guerrero, David Guison, Katt Valdez, and Paolo Tiongson

Shake it off.

If you’re anything like us, there’s a certain guilt that comes with zoning out to escapist entertainment when you have a lot of other (important) things to do. Not that it’s bad to take a break; it just feels more like you’re procrastinating instead of actually getting things done. But when we finally make time for ourselves, dancing to cool beats is always a good idea. DJs like Some Guy and Arthur Tan blasted everything from Mariah Carey to Kendrick Lamar at the #HumanHustle party, and everyone was vibing to it.

Don’t let the commute ruin your plans.

We get it. Commuting in Metro Manila isn’t the easiest and the traffic is unpredictable even on weekends. But hey, that doesn’t mean it’s always going to be a nightmare. Availing of promos like the Human x Grab discount for last weekend’s party is a budget-friendly and comfortable way to conquer the streets for a well-deserved day off. Who knows, you might even make a new friend or two during the ride.

2016 #YSProm King Emil Khodaverdi
Felicia Cui
Sticker happy: Goodies from #HumanHustle
Team Young STAR: Marga Buenaventura, Neal P. Corpus, Tin Sartorio, Maine Manalansan, and Ina Jacobe
Cheers to the weekend: Custom drinks by Bulul Brewery

Spoil yourself.

What’s a treat-yo-self date without some retail therapy? #HumanHustle was a shopping party after all, so it was the best time to get dibs on the Human’s Autumn 2017 collection. They have everything from hoodies to joggers to sneaks — perfect for the unpredictable weather. They even brought the sexy back to the fanny pack. Go ahead, spoil yourself a little.

Saying “hi” never hurt nobody.

Chances are, you’re following people online that you’ve never met IRL before. Bumping into them at the mall might be the last thing on your mind, but nothing can prepare you when the time finally comes. #HumanHustle was full of cool influencers like Paolo Tiongson (a.k.a. Poor.Taste a.k.a. a producer for James Reid’s “Palm Dreams”). It was the perfect place to practice our social skills, TBH. Trust us, no one will think you’re a creep for introducing yourself (as long as you do it politely) and actually reaching out to make new friends.

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