Human Nature is showing us how to reclaim our Sundays

The concept of “Sunday Scaries” wasn’t really cemented in my brain until I found out about ManRepeller’s ongoing series. Their staffers basically record their Sunday activities — from getting their daily morning smoothies to their skincare routines — that help them get over the fear of the looming Monday. I guess I’m similar in that way. For me, Sundays always feel like the night before the first day of school: full of anxiety and dread for the unknown.

However, I was reminded by Human Nature’s new store opening (of all things) that while Sunday is technically a day of preparation, it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t enjoy it. Aside from developing cruelty-free, paraben-free, kickass products, Human Nature also respects their employees’ work-life integration. It’s different from work-life balance in the sense that work and your personal life shouldn’t be separate; they should healthily coexist, and that’s key to helping their employees grow as compassionate and competent people.


Aside from developing cruelty-free, paraben-free, kickass products, Human Nature also respects their employees’ work-life integration.


So every Sunday, they give their employees a day off, and that’s a concept that they applied even in their first store in SM North EDSA. Yep, you read that right. The store will be closed on Sundays, but you can still get their products from Monday to Saturday, and through their website and other retail partners. “The only chance we have of actually building a new middle class in the Philippines is if we can improve the workplace so people who are poor can actually move up. Being middle class is not only about earning a decent income, but about having genuine quality of life, including proper family time and rest,” says Human Nature co-founder and chairman Dylan Wilk.

Copping the essentials: The new Human Nature store in SM North EDSA The Block has a station where you can try their essential oils and a mini vanity area to check out their makeup line.

Inspired by Human Nature’s commitment to keeping Sundays off, we created a list on how to enjoy your Sundays.


• Watch a show to rekindle your inspiration.

Nothing beats watching someone inspiring to get you pumped for the week — and life in general, tbh. If you prefer YouTube, check out Mariana’s Study Corner. From setting up your bullet journal to effective study tips to taking notes effectively, she gives tips on how to optimize your studying. Claire Marshall (aka heyclaire) also released a new series called “Hey Japan,” where you can learn about Japanese culture and kickass YouTube cinematography.


• Reintroduce yourself to your to-do list.

My mom always told me to prepare for the worst. And in this case, that’s getting paralyzed by your to-do list come Monday. What I’ve always found helpful is taking a peek at my to-do list every Sunday so I can create some headspace for possible stressful events (i.e. your group mate not doing the PowerPoint presentation for your history report).

• Soak yourself in some fragrant stuff.

Sunday is always a good time to do some deep nourishing for your body. If you’re looking for something to rejuvenate your hair after all the salon treatments you did over the summer, try Human Nature’s Hair Revival Coco Mask. Not only does it help reduce your hair’s protein loss, but it will also make it smell hella nice. A nice warm bath with their new Kids Jiggly Bath Jelly will sure lift your spirits. Don’t forget to close it with the Overnight Elixir to keep your skin hydrated and extra cute for that classmate you’ve been eyeing since last semester.


For more information, visit Visit Human Nature at 3/F SM North EDSA The Block from Monday to Saturday, 10 a.m. to 10 p.m.

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