How to cut your own bangs

Your Evil Twin has got a bulletproof mane idea: anything your hairstylist can do, they can do better. At least, in the area of that unpredictable cluster of your hair that is the bangs. The Estrada twins school us on the art of shear focus, giving us no reason to not be able to whip our hair back and forth.

Step One

Cut your bangs 100-percent dry. That way, they won’t shrink up as much after blowdrying and become shorter than you wanted them to be. We prefer them to be a bit longer to make it more modern and chic rather than kiddie bangs.

Step Two

Comb the hair down and cut hair from iris to iris. This will be your guide so you won’t go further to the hairline. Don’t make the mistake of cutting your hairline as this takes forever to grow and you don’t want your bangs to look like clip-ons.

Step Three

Remember to use small shears that you can easily control. Comb the bangs down and cut vertically trimming in small increments following the shape/line. Point the scissors up and cut just the ends so it looks texturized. Holding the scissors vertically rather than horizontal creates a softer edge.


This story was originally published in Young STAR on June 17, 2011.



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