A homegrown bedroom pop playlist

Photo by Gaby Gloria

Years ago, it would’ve been unthinkable for a /youth/ to have a novel published and made into a film (shoutout to The Kissing Booth), or to launch a singing career out of her bedroom. But it’s all been done, thanks to the internet’s uncanny quality of making the world a smaller place.

The internet is also a vast place of wonders. One minute, you can be clicking on a recommended video of a dog falling down a water slide on YouTube, and the next minute, you’re suddenly vibing to ambient beats peppered with dreamy vocals with titles like I’m Awkward and Shy and coffee shop cutie, and suddenly it’s 2 a.m. and you have no idea where the time went.

If not for that late night spiral, I wouldn’t have discovered that the bedroom pop scene in our country is bangin’, with plenty of the artists part of larger communities based here and abroad. The DIY quality of bedroom pop has always appealed to me as a homebody. I can’t put my finger on what exactly, but there’s something endearing in the lo-fi sound quality and plain lyrics.

It’s exciting to know how many people are out there using the power of the internet to create. All this creation and raw potential! Since we here at Young STAR stan talent, we’ve chosen some of our favorites from the likes of bedroom pop kweens B.P. Valenzuela and Mellow Fellow, to newbies NVTHVN, fcj, and more to include in this Spotify playlist. The result: authentic bops that are perfect for studying/chilling/relaxing (sorry, lofi hip hop radio).

Extras that aren’t on Spotify: Memory Drawers, breakfast clouds, snakbr


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