Here’s your first look at Sense8 season two

Remember that Netflix Original show that had everyone’s attention because of its portrayal of the LGBT community, a diverse cast of actors, a hardcore Sci-Fi plotline that messes with your brain, and an intense sex scene (an orgy for eight)? Yeah, Sense8 – we can’t forget it too.

The Netflix Original show was first released in 2015, and we couldn’t stop binge watching the series. Every episode was bound to leave you wanting more. It made you imagine what the world would be like if you were mentally connected to people that were born at the exact time as you. We meet the Sensates — Riley, Will, Nomi, Wolfgang, Capheus, Sun, Lito, Kala — and how their lives interlock. As we join them in discovering their powers (spoiler alert: they’re mentally and emotionally connected, and can physically appear at where the other Sensates are), they’re also being hunted down by a group led by Whispers, who sees the Sensates as a threat to the world’s order.

After a whole season of rooting for the Sensates, and a Christmas special that f-ed us up to say the least, we finally have a look at the second season. It doesn’t look as dark as the first — or so we think. The second season is slated for release on May 5, and man, can’t it come any faster?

Riley seems to have recovered from her time in the BPO facility back in Iceland. Could Whispers find her again this season?
Aww, the Sensates are all back together.
Lito talks to two new faces. Does this mean he’s getting his career back on track?
Girl boss: Aneeta, Sun, and Nomi put their intelligence and hacking skills to good use back in season one.
Will Sun Bak finally be free this second season?
The Sensates are complete and celebrating. But for how long?

Netflix releases the second season of Sense8 on Friday, May 5 in all territories where Netflix is available.


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