Help National Book Store build libraries through their Read Out Loud Challenge

Help National Book Store build libraries through their Read Out Loud Challenge

Put your mouth where the money is, and find out how reading out loud can help bring the love of the written word to children in public schools.

Here’s an opportunity to put that mouth to good use — to celebrate its 75 years of bringing joy to book lovers and notebook nuts alike, National Book Store (NBS) promises to set up brand spankin’ new libraries in public schools all over the country if you share your love for reading as well through their Read Out Loud Challenge.

The challenge goes like this—

1. Post a video of yourself reading an excerpt from your favorite book out loud on Facebook or Instagram. No limitations on which books (although Marquis de Sade or 50 Shades probably not a good idea. Also, totally #JudgingYou) or for how long.

2. Challenge 3 other people to do it as well. (Or more! Come on.)

3. Make sure you add #ReadOutLoudChallenge and tag @nbsalert. (Also make sure your post is public!)

4. For every 75 videos posted, the NBS Foundation will set up a library in a public school. They aim to set up 100 libraries nationwide. That’s 7500 videos, which amounts to just 7-10 of our Facebook friends lists combined.

These kids deserve the opportunity to be enamored with the written word the same way many of us are. At this age, to have the space to slow down and silence one’s self to listen to another’s world is invaluable. You know how we always say that real change is slow and it starts with education? Well, education starts with access, and we ought to help with that as well, in any way we can.

(On that note, NBS’s Project Aral is back! The back-to-school campaign has helped deliver basic school supplies to public school students for almost a decade. Two kits are now available: a 25-peso kit will get you the classic 2 notebooks, 2 pencils, a sharpener, and an eraser. The 50-peso kit has an additional pair of slippers, a great gift for children who walk to school barefoot. You can avail of these at NBS counters all over. What’s an extra 50 atop your brush pen haul?)


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