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They may be at the bottom of the corporate food chain, but being an intern is no easy job. Just ask the interns who went through C.L.U.B. Happiness. C.L.U.B. Happiness, which stands for Create. Learn the Basics. Uncover your potential. Be the brand, is the 6-month long training program Coca Cola FEMSA Philippines offers to graduating students from top universities. Being in the same room as these interns who are approaching their graduation from the program, one can’t help but absorb the atmosphere which exuded an air of business savvy and youthful enthusiasm. This is exactly what the program wanted to achieve, anyway. The company’s goal of hiring younger professionals turned into a reality by establishing C.L.U.B. Happiness. Despite the program being only in its second year it has already produced stellar results by successfully honing many business professionals to-be.

“It was an immersion into the corporate world,” says former intern turned full-time employee Keren Pascual, when describing what the program meant to her. “The environment is fast-paced and ever-changing.”

Working at the Key Accounts department is nothing to sneeze at. Keren works with the company’s major clients to stratigize programs that will generate more brand awareness and contribute to the community. During her internship, she was taking up her Masters degree in Management at University of Asia and the Pacific, making the experience much more rigorous.

“It allowed me to see the difference between the corporate world and what I learned from textbooks,” she says. “Before, everything was theoretical. Now, I have projects that actually mean something, and have a direct impact on the company, and on the community.”

Coincidentally, Keren’s motivation to apply and later finish the program (being one of the top performers) stemmed from her love of Coca Cola products. The opportunity to have a much-coveted spot in a company whose brand she was in love with, was to her, a chance in a lifetime. The internship provided her with a set of surprising experiences, like dealing with problems in IT, or handling the orders of a sari-sari store.

However, the path to merely being considered for the internship was a challenge in itself. The recruitment process is uncompromising, consisting of online assessments, interviews, and department matching. From a total of 305 applicants, the number was narrowed down to 53 trainees. They were then assigned to individual mentors from the company, and sorted into appropriate departments. Activities consisted of formal instruction, assessments, plant visits, and on-the-job training. In addition, each intern was required to present individual and group project proposals to a panel of experts. It isn’t for the faint of heart – the corporate world is truly a survival of the fittest, so to speak.

Keren has good advice for young hopefuls who wish to follow her footsteps. According to her, building good relationships is key. “You will be working with people from different departments. It’s important that you know how to relate to them. They’re not just corporate figures, they’re actual people that you can get good insight and help from on a person-to-person basis,” she advises.

To all aspirants who are interested in a unique type of internship, C.L.U.B. Happiness is the ideal avenue not only to train you and challenge you, but also to give you a fresh perspective on what the corporate world needs, which, according to Coca Cola FEMSA Philippines, is today’s youth. It’s definitely a challenge, but as the successful interns of C.L.U.B. Happiness prove, it’s totally worth it.

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For interested applicants, send in your résumés as well as inquiries to clubhappiness@coca-cola.com.ph.

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