When a gym that’s open for 24 hours exists you really don’t have an excuse

They say that the road to getting fit usually begins with a mindset and a little push. For us nowadays, that push may involve seeing a Five-Minute Workout for Lazy People video on your feed while avoiding your other responsibilities and thinking, “If I do that every day, I’ll have those abs in no time.”

Making the conscious decision to stop loafing around and actually get down to the gym isn’t going to be easy. There’s that fear of being judged, and the ever-popular excuse that you’re too busy doing other things.

Luckily, we’re technically living in the future, which means that 24-hour gyms like Anytime Fitness exist to give us that bigger push (“shove” is a more appropriate word) to set us on our way to a healthy body minus the anxiety.
“‘I just don’t have time’ just isn’t an excuse anymore,” says the franchise’s Glorietta 5 branch director Billie Pech. At Glorietta 5 gym launch, Pech and Anytime Fitness Asia CEO Maurice Levine talked about the importance of fostering a fun, caring gym environment in encouraging people to work out.

Like any other gym membership, signing up gets you full access to the equipment, group classes, and other club amenities. The big bonus here is that signing up entitles you to use any of the other Anytime Fitness gyms in the country (and the world!).

With treadmills complete with Netflix capabilities we’re already looking forward to our first workout sesh — all it takes is 20 minutes of moving a day, after all.

For inquiries, visit www.anytimefitness.ph or www.facebook.com/AnytimeFitnessPhilippines.

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