Guppy took us to tropical paradise with a pop-up photo exhibit

Photos by Lorenzo Tan


Guppy was a small collection of beach shorts with quirk and flair when it started. They’d take to places like Ateneo Trade, and sell only a handful of products at a time. That was three years ago. Fast forward to now, they’re a full-fledged tropical lifestyle brand with heart and soul. Slowly, they introduced different offerings to their lines. With their funky prints, they put the distinct Filipino character on their different fabrics to the beach, or the streets.

Their next step was a collaboration with a few up-and-coming photographers, namely Mark Roa, A Dedace, Gab Mejia, and John Oranga. Guppy took some of their most enchanting photographs and laid them on their signature beach shorts. Some prints featured bold black-and-white pictures of waves, while others had pink sands and orange sunsets, or the deep blues and greens of our pristine waters. All pairs, which run from XS-XL, were sold at Destination for P999, but you can get them at their online store for P1,199.

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This limited run was a bold move, eschewing their typical playful fabrics for actual photo print. It’s not so common seeing 3D prints on clothes, given our current fashion scene’s move towards more vintage looking apparel, but Guppy makes it work thanks to the thoughtful choice of photos. Moreover, they placed a spotlight not only on the talented photographers but on all the beauty of the Philippines by the shore.

The collabs were showcased at Destination, a one-day pop-up photo exhibit which launched the new collection. It was held in Pineapple Lab, where they decked the place out in plants, bamboo, and leaf ornaments. The cocktail bar offered fruity, tropical cocktails like a spruced up gin pom and boozy sago’t gulaman, while fresh buko was cut up and served outside. Luh Masheen and Marvelous ran the decks and played DJ sets throughout the day.

It was an inspiring sight, seeing what began as a small passion project swell up to where Guppy sits now. Surfing along with their beachy vibes and groovy spirits, the brand has grown into a full line of sustainable, locally supported products with an unmistakably Filipino touch. That is, after all, what #TheGuppyLife is all about: taking the sea breeze and beach wherever you go, in fashionable, tropical flair.


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