Guess Bags’ fall collection is worth the impulsive purchase

Pretty rock: Guess Bags’ fall collection is all about unleashing your inner punk rock girl.

There’s no such thing as fall season in the Philippines, but that doesn’t mean you need to miss out on all the pretty collections this season. It’s kinda like saying that you don’t really need a new bag in the middle of the school year, but you end up falling in love with Guess Bags’ medium size backpack with silver metal stars from the fall 2017 collection. It just speaks to your “inner punk rock girl but going to a conservative school” self and you just have to have it, y’know?

If you’re the classic beach bum just counting down to your next vacay while in the office, the purses and satchels with embroidered floral details might just be what you want. It’s profesh enough to bring to your meeting with the sleek design and quality materials. It ain’t no basket bag, but it carries just enough sunshine and good vibes with bright colors and florals to keep you motivated to make it to the next long weekend. The collection also has a range of furry backpacks if that’s your thing, but it looks like oversized Tita totes will be a thing again because they look bomb AF in Guess Bags Fall 2017 collection colors.

Let’s be real. You don’t really need a new bag. But if it’s cute and reasonably priced and you can’t stop thinking about it, then take this as a sign — get it, gurl. — Tin Sartorio


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