A crowd of mismatched individuals gather at Mow’s Bar for the Polaris Project

A crowd of mismatched individuals gather at Mow’s Bar last April 15 to see a quirky band perform.

I honestly haven’t heard anything like this before,” Polaris Project’s Sam Gonzales said. She was talking about why a crowd of mismatched individuals had gathered at Mow’s Bar last April 15 to see a quirky band perform. The band she was referring to is called Dissonänce, and in their own way, they’ve created unity among different people, as seen through their steady rise in the local music scene.

For the third installation of Polaris Project’s Crowdfunding sessions, they placed the spotlight on a band that’s on the rise and has every right to be. “So far we’ve backed bands that are metal/hard rock (Imelda), post-rock (Sound Architects), and avant-garde (Dissonänce), which we know are harder sells as genres in the local industry, but we believe good music needs to be heard and sometimes there are gems in the lesser-known corners of the community,” Gonzales explained.

“Dissonänce is not afraid to go into the far corners of the universe sonically,” Gonzales said. “They describe themselves as producers of ‘ritual music,’ and you can’t really argue with that. They have music that goes from jazz to hard rock to metal to parseltongue, which sounds really weird on paper but it really is extraordinary in practice.”

The band itself didn’t disappoint. They even totally changed up the arrangements of their songs for the event. “I was hoping there would be a mosh pit,” enigmatic vocalist Dana Blaze explained, “but didn’t really expect some people to do a wall of death, which was fun.”

They left the crowd longing for more, as though the band hadn’t just murdered it onstage. It won’t be the last time the scene hears from them, though. When asked what to expect from the band, Blaze replied nonchalantly: “Oh, expect indie pop music.” Surfer music with a post-metal ukulele sound, perhaps? “Exactly,” she agreed, adding: “Beach vibes, you know?”

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