Give the gym a break — the real workout is outdoors

Many might know Merrell as the shoe for hiking and mountaineering and you’d believe it, if you ever hiked up Mt. Pundaquit with the MOAB 2. But the brand’s goals are wider in scope, having dedicated itself since 1981 to designing footwear built to last for outdoor adventures, whether you’re toughing it out on a far-off mountain trail or getting your calisthenics on at the nearest public playground.

For its latest campaign, Nature’s Gym, Merrell aims to show that any outdoor setting can be an exhilarating workout waiting to happen. The campaign, which is a series of fitness-related activities, takes at Capitol Commons Park on the Saturday mornings of this month. We were able to get a taste of it last weekend, experiencing a high intensity outdoor training class with athletes Jose Villablanca and Coby Sarreal.

On October 14 and 21 respectively, Merrell will also be holding a Krav Maga class and a Holistic Wellness Talk. Those classes come with the added benefit of fresh air and sunlight — two highly underrated things.

Of course you don’t need the campaign to take the outdoors on in your own way. It might help you to know though that whatever workout you choose to undertake, Merrell likely has a shoe that suits your specific needs. For jogs and trail runs, you can check out the Agility collection, which has shoes that can provide stability in sharp turns and uneven terrain. And for those who like to introduce variety to their workouts by trying out lots of different sports, there’s the Bare Access Flex, which prioritizes versatility, and the Trail Glove 4, whose simple design makes for a comfortable locked-down fit.

Understandably, making your lifestyle a healthier one can be a challenge, mostly because the walls you encounter at the beginning are so high. Do I need to go to a gym? What kinds of classes do I take? The Nature’s Gym campaign basically makes sure you not worry about these things. You can try different activities and see what works for you, but only if you hit the ground running.


You can register for free for these classes at Merrell’s official website. For more details, you can find them on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.


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