Get hyped for ROOTS 2018 with this throwback playlist

Photos courtesy of ROOTS Music Festival

As much as the word soundtrip conjures up some cringe-worthy memories (think sideswept bands, rakrakan sessions and hugot nights, before hugot was even a thing), there are still days where we find ourselves yearning to go back to those simpler times.

Thanks to the UP Economics Society and the UP Underground Music community, that nostalgic soundtrip isn’t so far away. On Feb. 17, you can catch all your favorite OG bands rocking out again at this year’s ROOTS Music Festival.

Call the ‘ol barkada and start soundtripping to get pumped for a night of solid tunes. Featuring all the headlining artists to expect at this year’s ROOTS, this Spotify mix has all the classics like Urbandub, Imago, Orange & Lemons, Aegis, and more. We’ve also added some new jams from co-headliners Autotelic, Ben & Ben, and IV of Spades, plus some from college bands Capacities and With Fingers Crossed.     

Time to save this playlist and have it on repeat — gotta be ready to go out and make some new memories worth looking back on.  

ROOTS 2018 will be held at the UP Diliman Sunken Garden. For the full lineup list and information on tickets, head to their official Facebook page.

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