We’re geeking out over this running shoe’s sole specs

Most people might think that a running shoe is just a running shoe, but there’s actually a whole lot of technology, research and development that goes into a single sneaker. But what for? You’re just going to run in them, right? And with so many options today, you’ll probably just get overwhelmed and choose any random shoe. But here’s the thing: running shoes are a pretty serious investment — they can cost a lot, after all — so you gotta make sure it checks all the boxes. Does it feel light, offer good support, and withstand wear and tear?

Enter: the Nike Epic React Flyknit. It may look like your run-of-the-mill running shoe, but the secret lies in the sole. Called Nike React, the sole is the product of the collaboration of many Nike innovators, chemists, engineers and designers, delivering a soft, smooth and responsive ride. Combine that with the flyknit upper and you’ve got a versatile and breathable shoe that can literally take you the extra mile.

And if geeking out over shoe specs is the kind of thing that turns you on, get this: the shoe’s midsole extends beyond the upper around the heel to provide the cushioning that runners want and the stability they need on the run. And because the Nike React foam is softer than the EVA (ethylene-vinyl acetate) foams of the past, taking these out on the road, track or trail will be like running on air. Computational design also allowed the midsole to become just one piece of the Nike React foam, which means that there’s no cement or glue on the sole. What’s even cooler is that this method allows for engineering the surface of the midsole to deliver cushioning and support in the specific spots needed during a run, all while getting rid of excess material to make it even lighter. Talk about precise.

At this point you might be wondering why all this hullabaloo for “just a running shoe,” but here’s the point: all these advancements are supposed to let the shoe fade into the background. And the shoe that lets you just focus on your run? That’s the one you should get.


The Nike Epic React drops on Feb. 22 at select retailers and on nike.com.

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