Gabbi Garcia’s new single is all about strength and self-worth

Photo by Ina Jacobe

It’s no secret that music is Gabbi Garcia’s passion. The teen actress and former YS cover girl used to be part of a band, and still occasionally posts song covers on her Instagram.

Back in July, Gabbi gave her two cents on the local music scene, telling us, “I feel like people are saying OPM is dead but it’s not, it’s very much alive.” She also mentioned that she wanted to produce an R&B soul record.   

It looks like that’s soon becoming a reality, as her new R&B single is due for release on October 23. Before she jetted off to Hong Kong to shoot the music video, we got Gabbi to spill some of the deets about her new music.


You went into showbiz primarily as an actress. What made you decide to go into music?

Well, music is really my first love. Prior to showbiz, I’ve been doing gigs already. So music was really part of the plan.


You tagged a bunch of people in your teaser photos for the single and music video — can you tell us anything about their roles in production?

Christian Bautista actually is my co-producer and co-writer. He helped me a lot [in the sense that] he was the one who gave me advice when it came to recording and producing a track. He saw me singing in one of the noon time shows, and asked me if I wanted to create my own music. Then it all began from there.

Petersen Vargas is a good friend of mine. He is the creative/art director for this, and he is also doing my cover art for the single and the teasers. Khalil Ramos, on the other hand is also part of the team. He is a good friend also that happens to have a prod house. They will be shooting my music video, headed and directed by Khalil.


What is All I Need about? Can you tell us anything about the concept for the song and music video?

The song is about realizing your value. It focuses on self-worth and your strength as as individual. The music video is about finding and redeeming yourself despite all the problems [you have].


What kind of sound are you going for with All I Need? Can you name your inspirations?

I would say it’s R&B, a very chill song. I really like the music of June Marieezy, Doja Cat, Jess Connelly.


Will we be hearing more music from you apart from this single in the future?

Yes of course! Music is really my passion and my first love. So we’ll see what happens after this single. But definitely this is just the start.


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