Your friendly neighborhood: Legazpi Village

by  Jonty Cruz
Art by Elle Shivers
Photo by Artu Nepomuceno






The best reason to hang out in Legazpi Village in Makati is that we don’t know what it is yet. Unlike swanky Salcedo where extravagance is almost the norm, Makati’s other hub doesn’t require you to have a seven-digit salary. Legazpi is also a little more accessible culturally speaking and doesn’t intimidate like (let’s say) The Collective, home to Makati’s sub-culture scene.

Legazpi is undergoing a transition period. It’s evolving into something that still hasn’t found its identity. And that’s a good thing. What used to be just another business district is churning out establishments unlike any around Metro Manila. It’s ground zero for those who want to create their perfect hangout spot.

Boiler Room

Boiler Room is located at 109 Carlos Palanca Street, Legazpi Village, Makati City. Follow them on Twitter and Instagram @109boilerroom.

Back in the early 2000s, the only hangout place the area was Gweilos Bar and Grill. It was a more low-key take on the typical fare back then with emphasis on typical. Today, that same street has changed and opened up establishments that are must-see, like Boiler Room, a much-talked-about bar that serves shot and beer combos such as The Gold Digger, The Cock Blocker, and The Dirty Hipster. This new establishment forgoes the glam and glitter scene of the Fort and offers a much more relaxed and authentic experience for those looking for something different. Boiler Room is also upping their game by introducing good ol’ afternoon sessions with Buzzed@4, a new event featuring local craft beers from Craftpoint Brewing Co. and food courtesy of Ministry of Mushrooms and Mr. Delicious PH. Sounds like the perfect summer hang.

Your Local

Your Local is located at Universal LMS Bldg. 106 Esteban St. Cor V.A. Rufino St., Legaspi Village, Brgy. San Lorenzo, Makati. Follow them on Twitter and Instagram @yourlocalph.

Perhaps Your Local, the Singaporean-inspired restaurant by chef Denny Antonio and Nicco Santos, perfectly captures Legazpi’s current coming-of-age story. Their origin in itself wasn’t determined by clear blueprint plans or guided by industry how-tos. The owners just wanted to have a place they didn’t find in Manila growing up. A place that served good food not found in a mall, with an aesthetic that encouraged staying a little bit longer even after you’d had your meal. After less than two years, Your Local could very well be called the heart and soul of the new Legazpi Village.


Archives is located at Gamboa St, Legazpi Village, Makati. +63 2 8362740. Daily 12p.m.-9p.m. Follow them on Twitter and Instagram @hommeetfemme_ph.

One of the best things about Legazpi Village is its cool, casual, downtown vibe, which is perfectly personified by Archives. This laidback branch to the Homme Et Femme empire looks more like a shop in SoHo than it does in one of our high-end malls. Archives works as one of a select group of must-sees in Legazpi that are redefining what this area can be. Like Legazpi itself, the products sold in Archives, while a little pricey, make up for it in quality. There’s no store in the city quite like Archives and it perfectly fits what Legazpi could very well be, an area that mixes modern culture with a casual but still curated feel.


Yardstick is located at G/F 106 Esteban St, Legazpi Village, Makati; +63 2 8450073. Mon-Fri 8a.m.-6p.m., Sat & Sun 8a.m.-3p.m. Follow them on Twitter and Instagram @yardstickcoffee.

Right beside Your Local is what some consider one of the biggest purveyors of Legazpi’s renaissance: coffee hangout, Yardstick. “With Legazpi, I think what’s happening is a little more organic. I don’t think it’s forced. It’s not as congested as Salcedo,” says Andre Chanco of Yardstick, a coffee shop that doesn’t quite look like a coffee shop. If you’ve never been to Yardstick, the best way to describe it is Urban Outfitters minus all the clothes, or to be more local about it, imagine if Heima sold nothing but coffee. Gone are the Starbucks greens or third wave dark- wood aesthetic and in its place comes “friendly” colors and pleasant lighting. It’s a refreshing take on a coffee shop and goes with the ongoing cultural rehabilitation of Legazpi.

Legazpi’s current cultural renovation is still ongoing and there’s still a lot that needs to happen for this to became Makati’s next big village-scene. “It will probably be congested two years from today, in a good way,” Andre says.  “I think it needs more variety. With Archives and Signet (a men’s clothing store), there’s a retail variety there.” And in Metro Manila, where location is so important, these new stores and shops are proving that Legazpi Village could very well be the next center of Manila culture.

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