Freego takes yoga pants to the next level

There are the denim pants you use on the daily, the cutoffs you show off at the beach, and the oversized denim jacket that makes you look insta-cool. Through the years, we’ve rocked this closet staple in just about every cut, style and wash; and now, we can even wear denim to the gym. Yup, the gym. Freego’s latest jeannovation let’s us do just that and so much more.

Built to last from work to workout, Freego Yoga Jeans are made from ultra-stretchable and quick-dry fabric. While our past experiences with denim might make this hard to believe, clothing brand Freego is serious about making our go-to material more versatile than ever. Like, literally. Freego Yoga Jeans are perfect for our morning stretches as well as our cramped daily commutes. We all know how sticky (sweaty!) these situations can get and rocking a cozy pair might be our only saving grace.

But the best part is that regardless of what we’re doing, we’re guaranteed to look hella cute. It comes in styles like Devon (low-waist, slim cut fit jeggings) and Cindy (regular-waist, super skinny fit jeans) that’ll make you want to head out even after a workout. #Athleisure? Sign us up.

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Freego is available in all leading department stores nationwide. Visit for more info.

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