Four super last-minute Mother’s Day gift ideas

Art by Ina Jacobe

In case you missed the memo, allow us to remind you: Mother’s Day is today. Before you hit the panic button and start actually considering all those ridiculous two for one body lotion promos online, take a step back and breathe. Don’t you think that the lady who birthed you deserves something more meaningful than that?

Our moms and motherly-figures are the ones who raised us to be the people we are now. While we can never fully match everything they’ve done for us, we can at least make a better effort to thank them and show them our love.

Don’t know where to start? No worries, because Young STAR’s got you covered with this list of easy Mother’s Day gifts that you can come up with tonight (bonus: they won’t cost you much!).

A massage

Anak, pa-massage naman ng paa ko.” It’s a phrase that many a Filipino kid dreaded to hear growing up (with some dreading it even in adulthood), but now is as best a time as ever to suck it up and offer to give your mom a massage without her asking.

A one-act play about her pregnancy

Whenever we’d complain about small tasks, our moms would have a habit of regaling us with stories of their pregnancy (complete with the bloody details of the birth itself). You’ve got to admit that “I carried you in my womb for nine whole months!” makes for entertaining. Get your whole family in on it and perform it for her in the morning.  

An IOU card for a day out with just the two of you

Sometimes the best gift we can give our mamas is the gift of time. When was the last time the two of you spent the day together? Simply write a thoughtful message with the IOU statement at the end on fancy card paper, or print it out if you don’t trust your handwriting. Just make sure to follow through with your plan!

A notebook where she can list down all the things you said you’d do for her (so she can constantly remind you to do them)

Moms are masters when it comes to nagging, which is a skill that they’ve developed over the years thanks to our unapologetically forgetful brains. Think of all the little tasks that she asked you to do, but that you forgot about as soon as you leave the house. You might be digging your own grave with this one, but at least it’ll teach you a lesson in fulfilling promises.


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