We found the speakers that’ll power your next barkada reunion

JBL by Harman just upgraded our fave speakers and, honestly, having a high school reunion at your friend’s house will never be the same again. Chances are, your first portable speakers came from the JBL Flip series. It’s back with the fourth generation that can now play music for up to 12 hours. It’s also waterproof, but the most amazing (and most important) upgrade is the JBL connect + function. Basically, it allows one Flip 4 speaker to connect to another Flip 4 speaker within 10 meters. Oh, did we mention it received a Guinness World Record for wirelessly connecting 1,000 Flip 4 speakers while playing music from just a single source? That’s pretty dope. But if you wanna up your party game some more then the JBL Pulse 3 might just be your thing. It’s a sound and light show all rolled into one convenient device. The new update allows you to have full control of the lights on your device, and it’s as simple as opening the JBL Connect app on your phone, connecting to the device, and using the camera to snap any color you want the device to mimic.

If a classic house party is what you’re after, then you won’t need anything else other than the JBL Boombox Portable Bluetooth Speaker. It’s everything you’d imagine a boombox in 2017 would be like. It can play music up to 24 hours, has an indoor and outdoor music mode (you’re welcome, neighbors), and can also charge your other devices. JBL by Harman also released new items like wireless over-ear headphones and the Reflect series wireless sports headphones (it measures your heart rate and gives you updates) that are perfect for exchange gifts this Christmas. But I’d argue that it’s best to treat yourself with your new fave speakers, then treat your friends to that magical music experience. BRB, time to plan the next barkada holiday reunion. ­ 

The JBL sports and lifestyle series of headphones, soundbars, and speakers are available in-store and at select retailers. Visit www.JBL.com.ph for more information.

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