We found your new favorite coffice spot — in a furniture store

Photos by Gian Nicdao


If you’re all about that coffice (coffee shop office) life — ehem, freelancers — then you’ll know that finding the perfect one is almost impossible. Either the coffee is lacking, the food is bland, the internet is unreliable, or the atmosphere is just off. When you find one that gets all of these things right, you mustn’t let it go.

Enter: Artesania. Now, this isn’t actually a coffee shop, but a furniture store that has a café called Caffeined. It used to be in Pioneer (a.k.a. Mozaic Living) with the same set-up, but since their move to Makati, they’ve come up with a brand new menu that will keep you fueled throughout the day. And I’m not just talking about your usual cake and sandwich fare — I’m talking morning coffee to full-on lunch to merienda to a nice dinner. Here are five things from their menu that might just blow your mind.

Three-cheese sandwich

A carry-over from their original menu in Pioneer, Caffeined’s version of the classic grilled cheese sandwich (gruyere, danish blue cheese, and sharp cheddar) is enough to make you forget all your deadlines. It’s rich, hearty, and everything else you use to describe something that warms your heart (and stomach). The bread is drizzled with honey for that perfect sweet-and-salty balance. It’s a pretty generous serving, too — enough for two people, or one famished freelancer.

Seafood chowder

Caffeined’s seafood chowder is perfectly balanced: flavors of mussels, shrimp, and squid all teetering on a tightrope that manages to be both light and hearty at the same time. It’s a great starter for any work sesh, but if you want a little something more for your tumtum, get it as a lunch special that comes with a roasted beetroot salad (beetroot, arugula, goat’s cheese, honey, and red wine vinegar), that’s equally light and hearty and surprisingly refreshing.

Miso glazed salmon

The three-cheese sandwich might make you forget your deadlines, but Caffeined’s miso glazed salmon will make you straight-up forget who you are. A supple pink hunk of fish is served with its skin crisped to perfection. On the side is blanched asparagus, along with some pickled radish that cuts the saltiness to bring the dish straight into the gates of heaven.

Chicken inasal with shrimp sinigang broth

If you’re craving for a Filipino meal, this is the best of both worlds. Bite-sized chicken inasal cutlets on a stick, jasmine rice, atsara, and a bowl of sinigang broth flavored with the heads of shrimps from the other shrimp dishes on the menu. Homey, delicious, and zero-waste.

The Red Eye

What’s a coffice without a banging cup of coffee? The Red Eye is made with two shots of espresso in a blend so strong, it will get you cranked up and all-caps WIDE AWAKE. I’m not kidding when I say that I had trouble falling asleep that night, more than 12 hours after having this cup of coffee. If you need to power through anything, this is your lord and savior. Trust.

Bonus: juices

If you’re in no rush to crush any deadlines, the juice selection is definitely worth checking out. The cucumber calamansi juice is a refreshing refuge from the Manila heat, and the honey calamansi juice adds a sweet note to the classic thirst quencher. The Yakult lemonade mint juice, however, is the must-try: just like one of those Yakult-and-soju cocktails, but made for wholesome daytime hours.

Open from 8AM to 9PM (weekdays)  and 7AM-10PM (weekends), check out Caffeined by Artesania at 910 Arnaiz Avenue, Makati City. Follow them on Facebook and Instagram.

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