We found an app that will reward you for getting fit

We’ve all made attempts at a healthy lifestyle at one point in our lives. At the beginning of the year, you’re bound to know someone who says that they’re going to head back to the gym, or that they’re going to lessen all the sweets and eat more veggies. Give it a good month, and well, we all know how that ends – a failed attempt.

Enter Philam Life Vitality Active. It’s a free app by Philam Life’s that rewards you for the progress you’ve made in your journey to a healthier lifestyle. In the app are daily challenges like walking at least 7500 steps in one day. For every challenge completed you will be given points. Once accumulated you can receive rewards such as free movie passes at SM Cinemas, passes to SM Ice Skating, SM Bowling, Blink, and Exploreum.

Philam Life CEO Aibee Cantos believes that health is one of the most important aspect that Filipinos need to address.
Philam Life Vitality App brand ambassadors: Mika Reyes and Alyssa Valdez
Instant gratification: Philam Life’s newest app will get you fit

“We understand that health is important but we don’t do much about it,” shares Philam Life CEO Aibee Cantos, “So we shifted our focus from insurance to prevention with this app. We wanted to change the Filipinos attitude towards health and reward them for it.”

Even pro volleyball players Mika Reyes and Alyssa Valdez think that the app can motivate us in staying active. “Since leaving collegiate volleyball, training for me doesn’t happen every day anymore so it’s been a struggle. This app changed it,” quips Alyssa.

Hey, if we’re going to struggle might as well reap its rewards, eh?

The Philam Vitality Active app is available for download on the App Store and Google Play. Join now and get a chance to win one of eight Garmin Vivofit 3 watches. Promo period is from March 1 to April 30, 2017.

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