Food challenges for your foodie friends







Turn your Man vs. Food dreams to reality and take on these food challenges with your friends. All you need is an empty stomach and your competitive spirit.  Who knows? You might just add “competitive eater” under your Instagram bio.

1. Buffalo Wild Wings’s Blazin’ Challenge

We all have that one friend who claims she’s the Daenerys Targaryen of the group. Put your friend’s “dragon blood” to the test with the Blazin’ challenge at Buffalo Wild Wings. All they need to do is eat 12 Blazin’ wings (their spiciest flavor) in six minutes without wiping their face or drinking any beverage. If they reign supreme, they get a free shirt, bragging rights and the barkada’s acceptance that she might be a real Targaryen after all.

2. Garage 88’s 12-Wheeler Challenge

Here’s a challenge for that friend who offered his extra burger from Burger Machine that one lunchtime when you forgot your baon. Garage 88’s 12-Wheeler Challenge features a burger as big as your face. If that isn’t enough to fill you up, you also get a side of onion rings. Finish everything in under an hour and you get, well, bragging rights and you won’t have to pay for the burger you just ate. It’s worth it, considering that you ate two-days worth of food.

3. Blissful Delight’s Fall of Jericho Challenge

Picture this: You open a tub of ice cream in the freezer only to find out that it isn’t ice cream. It’s actually frozen fish. You see your roommate snickering behind you because, apparently, this was his idea of a “good” joke. This challenge is for that friend. Drag him to Blissful Delight’s to take on the Fall of Jericho Challenge. If hey finish 18 scoops of ice cream in 30 minutes and you get a shirt, a P250 gift certificate, and a photo in their wall of fame. You know what the say, revenge is best served cold.

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