Five things happening around the world other than Trump’s Inauguration party

The Inauguration is a big day not only for America but the world as well. It’s the day Donald Trump takes his position as the highest man in power, as the commander-in-chief of the strongest country in the world, whether you like him or not. Luckily, Jan. 20 is more than just Inauguration day. It’s also a day of music, video, and game releases; and another day for our favorite pop culture artists to distract us. If you’re dreading Trump’s rise to power and need other things to look forward to here are five things that’ll hopefully uplift your spirits.

Troye Sivan’s Heaven music video release

Troye Sivan’s music video for Heaven dropped right when Trump’s Inauguration concert party started. It is, as Troye says, his own way of standing up against the Republican’s anti-LGBT stance. Now, Heaven isn’t just a personal song that touches on Troye’s coming out story, it’s now an anthem for the LGBTQIA+ community. Troye shares in a press release, “We have always been here. We will always be here. This video is dedicated to all who’ve come before me and fought for our cause and those who now continue the fight. In dark and light times, let’s love forever.” #LOVEWINS always.

Globe Telecom’s Coldplay Sessions

If Trump and his followers are all partying it up in Washington D.C., Filipinos who are currently in Manila who want their attention diverted into something far greater than Trump’s Inauguration can head over to the Bonifacio High Street Activity Center at 11 a.m. and have a party of their own. It’s the telecommunications second Coldplay sessions that’ll have fans of the band excited for the upcoming concert. Our own 3D’s: Ebe Dancel, Johnoy Danao, Bullet Dumas; and Leanne and Naara will be performing their own renditions of Coldplay’s famous songs. Take that, 3 Doors Down.

Gravity Rush 2 game release PlayStation 4

Fans of the PlayStation Vita classic game, Gravity Rush, have been waiting for this sequel to drop since December 2016. It features the city of Hekseville in a larger scale (two and a half times bigger!) and follows the story of Kat as she maneuvers her way around the game, manipulating gravity. Gamers seem to be very receptive of the game as Gravity Rush 2 garners an 81/100 rating in Metacritic, and 8.4/10 from IGN Entertainment Company. IGN reviewer Miranda Sanchez shares, “After 40 hours I found it hard to put the controller down, and I can’t wait to jump back in to finish every sidequest I can find.”

National Cheese Day

Jan. 20 may be Inauguration Day, but it’s also National Cheese Day! So grab a friend, your partner, or your parents and take them out for a nice raclette cheese date that you both will enjoy. After all, everyone loooooves cheese.

Split movie release

Director M. Night Shyamalan’s Split had its debut at Fantastic Fest last September 2016, and is having its global release today. It follows the story of survival of Casey (Anya Taylor-Joy) and her friends who have been kidnapped by Kevin (James McAvoy), a man with 24 split personalities. In order to escape, Casey has to figure out which of Kevin’s personalities will lead her and her friends out of that hell room. It’s like Mystery Manila on steroids.



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