The five stages of skincare obsession

Art by Czari Dy

The road to the perfect skincare routine is truly a bumpy one, especially if you’re starting from scratch (a.k.a. soap and water).

It all starts after you see a sparkling skincare product review on your Instagram feed. The caption details all of this cream’s or that cleanser’s benefits, with random mumbo jumbo about how it leaves skin hydrated and pimple-free.

You usually scroll away from product reviews before temptation gets the best of you. But no, not this time. Suddenly, you have to have that Korean skincare product with a long name. Seeing the blogger’s flawless skin and looking at your own dull, acne-ridden face, you say “Hey, this is definitely what I need to get rid of those annoying whiteheads.”

Then you proceed to hoard all the BeautyMNL and Althea Korea bestsellers in FULL size. “Tiis ganda,” you say, as your wallet cries out. But it’s too late. You’ve begun your descent down the rabbit hole that we call the stages of skincare obsession, and there’s no turning back.  

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