Five spots to snap at the new McDonald’s in Tagaytay

Five spots to snap at the new McDonald’s in Tagaytay

Head straight to these spots if you want to take best shots of the new McDonald’s store in Tagaytay. You know what they say: you gotta do it for the ‘gram.

Everybody likes a good place to chill, especially with the Christmas hustle and school deadlines looming over our heads. With this, more and more brands are making an effort to keep up with everyone’s #aesthetic game online and offline. Pinterest-worthy interiors and Instagrammable areas are slowly taking over establishments all around the metro, giving interested and tech-savvy customers an added bonus of dining with a view.

McDonald’s recently opened a store in Tagaytay-Calamba road, and man, was it beautiful. It’s a complete 360-degree turn from the McDonald’s that we’re used to. Sure, the different McDonald’s stores in Manila had a design upgrade a few years back, but this particular store was McDonald’s on an architectural and interior design steroid. The interiors are a mix of rustic and modern  — a look appropriate with the location and the view (Taal volcano, anyone?) that comes with it.

It only opened last December 10 and people are already planning trips to Tagaytay. We listed down five must-see areas for your photographing needs. You know what they say; you gotta do it for the ‘gram!

Main entrance

The new McDo looks like it came straight from a videogame. So take a snap while it’s not yet crowded. But if you really want to go the extra mile, stand under their blue led light, and look up. Now, you’ll really look like you’re in a videogame.

The restroom

Okay, this may seem as a surprise but this area actually makes for a good snapshot. When the yellow tiles are amplified with warm lights, it looks like you’re down the NYC subway station, waiting to board the M-train (the McDo train that is).

The staircase

Trust us, everyone will be taking photos of the inspirational quotes on the brick wall, so dare to do something different. Stand on the staircase going towards the second floor, and take the shot like an outsider looking in. It adds drama to the photo too. The likes will keep coming.

Al fresco dining spot

This area is a little more hidden than the rest of the tables in the al fresco area. It’s located at the far end of the second floor. That little corner is well-lit and we all know how important that is for a cute selfie or flat lay.

Wall of plants

If you’re looking for a location where you can take an Instagram of your coffee, the wall of plants at the al fresco dining spot would do the trick. It’s easy, foolproof and 100% environmental-friendly.

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