Five old-school games you can download on your phones

787898 may look like jumbled numbers to you, or the amount of money you wish you had in your bank account. But for anyone who’s ever been obsessed with their Nokia 6600 and 6610, then you’d know that these were the buttons you had to press to become (pretty much) immortal in Nokia’s built-in game Bounce. When you had nothing else to do — because really what was anyone doing before the internet came along — you’d grab your mom’s phone (yours was always just not good enough) and play while she was working.

Considering the easy availability of apps and games, we can now revisit our old faves and test our newfound gaming skills — no emulator needed. Just head to the Google Play or App store to download, and you’re good to go.


If you didn’t get frustrated over ledges and those spider-looking things then who are you?! Bounce was the colored game of our phones back then. Jumping on the ledges, getting shrunk and bouncing to the next level was fun.

Space Impact

Whenever we’d play Space Impact, adrenaline would instantly pump us up. You’re the pilot of this spaceship, fighting off aliens, and legions of spacecraft. The boss levels are almost always tough (level 5 still haunts our dreams), but it’s the best way to wait out EDSA traffic.


The Holy Grail of all classic mobile phone games — Snake. It was seriously the best and simplest game on our phones. All you had to do was eat the “prey,” and make sure that the end of your snake didn’t reach the rest of its body or the edges of the screen. The sequel of the game, Snake 2, was definitely a game changer (pun unintended) because you can pass through the walls for easier navigation.

Super Mario

Who could ever forget Super Mario? It was the king of all 8-bit games. Moving up levels, jumping on mushrooms, and finally reaching Princess Peach was worth every push of a button.

Metal Slug

This Playstation One game was soooo good. It was a war game that wasn’t too over-the-top, the rules were simple, you were given weapons (which you could change along the way), and all you had to do was move forward and fight the enemies. Big bosses included fighting tanks, warships, and über macho men. Who wouldn’t have fun with this game?

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