Five homegrown eco-brands that do their business by taking care of the planet

There’s no doubt about it, we all love a good splurge. Just think about your most recent purchase and how it made everything all right with the world — that cute sweater you’ve been eyeing for so long or your latest skincare loot. In that moment, you just knew it was good money spent.

But what if we told you that you can carry on treating yo’ self while giving Mother Nature some lovin’? You can step up and be the better consumer by being more conscious about your bargains. Whether it’s food, fashion, or everything in between, we’re rounding up some local eco-brands for your next (responsible) splurge sesh.


Eco-consciousness and glowing skin don’t have to be exclusive concepts, and such is Leyende’s advocacy. Founded in 2008, their philosophy for their face, bath, body, and hair products is all about crafting a modern, clean minimalist sensibility. Each raw ingredient comes from the best local and international eco-certified farms and companies.

Jacinto & Lirio

Once Noreen Bautista and Anne Mariposa stumbled upon Laguna’s water hyacinth plant (a.k.a. the water lily), the search was over. Who knew creating something out of plantlife can go beyond science projects? Jacinto & Lirio’s handmade plant leather goods is the real deal. And they’ve got quite a wide selection of bags and journals to prove it. File this one under good investments.

Edgy Veggy

Where the food on our plate comes from, and the science of its ecological footprint should matter to us. Which is why, thank God, getting local organic natural produce is not mere hype. It’s backed up by science, folks. Organic farming utilizes natural fertilizer, therefore producing healthier soil and healthier crops. Edgy Veggy‘s deli selections makes good use of farms that support this agenda, so you know you’re in good hands.

Habi Footwear

Hinged on responsible fashion, Pinoy pride, and social involvement, their espadrilles and sandals seem to us like the complete package. Habi turns scrap cloth from shirt factories into a fashion statement all its own, thereby helping reduce solid waste in the environment. It doesn’t hurt that their footwear looks incredibly stylish and feels super comfy, too.

A Beautiful Refuge

It’s 2017 and statement tees are all the rage again. And A Beautiful Refuge gets the memo with their handcrafted screen printed items. A social enterprise at its core, they seek to empower more women to partake in businesses. Their garments also get plus points for being eco-friendly. After all, their apparel is sourced from ethical manufacturers. With tees made from 100% GMO-free organic cotton, what’s not to love?

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