Five Filipino groups that should have a reunion tour

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It’s 2019 and the Spice Girls (sans Victoria Beckham) are having a reunion tour, the Backstreet Boys are making new music, Guns N’ Roses just had a concert here in Manila — and oh, have you heard that Sexbomb is looking for new members?

If you’re one of those people who have been desperately praying for the reunion of your favorite local band (*cough* Eraserheads *cough*), you’re not alone. We all have that unshakeable craving for nostalgia, and with all these bands and groups going on reunion tours, it’s really easy to feel hopeful that someday, in the near future, our own faves will also get back together.

We’ve rounded up our own list of Filipino groups that we’d like to see on stage again. Fingers crossed.


Who wouldn’t want to see the Sexbomb singers and dancers perform their classic hits Halukay Ube and Laban o Bawi? I would pay for this show, tbh.


Dice and K9
Itsumo deserves a 2019 spotlight- OG hip-hop fans would know. Dare I suggest a Wanderland performance?


Sexual innuendos and fit bods may have been the reason for their success, but the Masculados deserved every bit of attention they had. And quite frankly, Jumbo Hotdog is a bop that would get your unmotivated ass off the bed.


Speaking of hotdogs —  disco dancing with that classic ‘80s flair? Sign me up. If you’ve always imagined what it would feel like to relive the disco fever, a Hotdog reunion is the right way to kick it off. IV of Spades fans can’t relate.


K and the Boxers
“Sasakyan kita sa lahat ng gusto mo, sasakyan kita, basta’t sasakyan mo rin ako”- if this ain’t your BFF anthem, you should probably rethink your friendship.

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