Finding Pacman

Art by Katsy Garcia

Most of us liked People’s Champ Manny Pacquiao at some point in our lives. My younger self thought that his kindness and generosity towards other people outweighed rumors of his infidelity and tax evasion cases. I even genuinely considered him as a modern day hero because of all the #PinoyPride he brought to our nation.

Fast forward to 2016, the year Congressman-slash-Boxing Champ Manny Pacquiao became the Honorable Senator-slash-Boxing Champ Manny Pacquiao. This was also the year we collectively agreed that we are doomed as a nation when it comes to electing the right people. Pacquiao, as a congressman, I can understand. We all knew how charitable he was to his fellowmen, that reason alone can explain his victory in 2010. But winning as a senator last year is a different story. How did we let this happen?

So far, so bad. The boxing Champ-slash-Senator-slash-Wannabe-Pastor has been consistently using the Bible as a guide to lead this country. Great. That would be okay, if he weren’t also using it to support ignorant, unfounded claims. Aside from continuing his boxing career while in the senate, Pacquiao also seems to enjoy meddling with the LGBT community’s business by saying the stupidest things in general. From arguing with veteran senators to saying that the Bible actually allows responsible mining, we can’t help but ask if he even knows how ridiculous he sounds. Literally, Jesus did not die to save your sinful ass just so you could champion the return of the Death Penalty Bill, Manny.

Considering Pacman’s rookie performance in the senate and what he obviously wants to do in life (see: all the hyphens above), it wouldn’t be unfair to say that he is all over the place. So we made our own version of Where’s Waldo, but with Pacman as the element out of place in a world moving forward without him. Unless of course, he runs for President in 2022.

Don’t you just miss the days when our only problem was his frequent absence?

Spot the OG Boxing Champ Pacman in the world where he should be. Hint: it’s not that hard.

Pacman Icon - Original
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