Find out how this artist easily switches from muted colors to pastels with her work

(L) from @tinbejar, (R) from @bytinb doing a collaborative mural with other artists.

It’s not everyday you encounter an artist whose work contrasts the branding she’s built for years. Some take a long time to develop a new style but Tin Bejar, a 24-year-old IT developer and artist, managed to shift her style in a snap.

If you compare her two Instagram profiles, you can immediately point out how different her personal account is from her work account by its colors. @tinbejar shows how she keeps her lifestyle muted — her monochromatic outfits and the negative spaces in her travel photos would make you think you’re looking through a Hypebeast account. On the other hand, @bytinb will show you a garden of florals and foliage that will trick you into thinking you’re on Pinterest.

To know her process, Young STAR caught up with Tin to discuss how she maneuvers her way through the colors of her work.

How did your Instagram account @bytinb start?

When I decided to kick my smoking habit last year, I experienced a lot of stress and anxiety caused by the nicotine withdrawals. My boyfriend and a few significant people in my life suggested I revive my passion for the arts to help me cope with the struggles of quitting. It turned out not just as an effective distraction, I also found it to be highly therapeutic. Soon enough, I found myself constantly looking forward to painting.

I began studying watercolor seriously last November. I read up on what I could on its fundamentals and I watched online tutorials to guide me in my painting. I also attended watercolor workshops to further hone my skills.

My personal Instagram has always been monochromatic, cool, dark and gloomy, because that’s really my style in photography. I created the Instagram account @bytinb to use it as a platform to share my work and progress as an artist publicly. Social media is great way to connect with folks from the whole watercolor community. My paintings show another side of my personality as it displays colors and vibrancies.

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Any favorite local or international artists that inspired you to pursue this craft?

I learned a lot from Alessa Lanot as I attended her watercolor and calligraphy classes. In my opinion, her style is by far the most exceptional here in the Philippines. I love how she transforms her painting to interesting pieces such as clothing, tattoos, stationery, and prints.

Natalia Kadantseva’s unique approach on painting florals inspired me to use florals as my subject when I paint. She uses a well-curated palette as well, which makes her artworks more appealing.

Yulyua Kuzichkina – Yumaeva, Lucinda Law, and Dominika Keller‘s botanical paintings are very realistic and they manifest the kind of artwork I aspire to be able to create in the future.

What’s a mantra you live by to further hone your skills?

I strongly believe the saying that goes, “It’s not about ‘having’ time. It’s about making time.”

As a full-time IT professional and freelance designer, I have to juggle activities to make time for my painting and prepare for my workshops. I maintain strong discipline to be able to do everything I love doing. You should really make time for it, kahit gaano ka ka-busy. Time management is key to being able to multi-task properly. I push myself to maximize my days to the fullest no excuses.

What’s a dream collab or project that you want to happen?

I’d love to host a watercolor workshop for kids or for special children. I’ve talked to my friends in the education industry and I hope we can successfully arrange a collaboration soon. It may be challenging, but I know it will surely be worth the effort.

What should a basic painting starter kit have? Can you give us 5 items you’d recommend?

At the top of my head, I’d recommend: a #6 round brush, a 15/0 detail brush, artist-grade tube paints, a watercolor pad, and a good water palette.

What are you planning on sketching/painting next?

I’ve been playing around with the idea of painting animals as my subject. I think painting them will be fascinating because it’ll be challenging in terms of details. In line with the future workshops I’m planning to host, imagine how much fun it’d be teaching kids how to paint animals!

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LETTERS + FLORALS is one of Tin’s upcoming watercolor workshop. It will happen this coming July 30 at 8 Oz Coffee + Kitchen, 1-5 pm. For more details about her work, you can find her on Facebook and Instagram. You can also email her at


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