Find out what your life on the road was like in 2017 with this cool music video

One of the best things about the year ending is that, whether by way of Timehop or Facebook memories, we get to relive some of our best moments. While 2017 may not have been our favorite year, there were still good things that came out of it like, say, Lorde’s sophomore album. It’s also the best chance to look back at your yearly statistics, a true delight for those who like to document things.

Uber just released #YearWithUber, a personalized music video for all Uber users. In two minutes, you can already relive your longest ride and recount all the cars you’ve booked. Plus, you can find out your Uber archetype your Uber personality based on your own stats.

Check out the seven below to see which archetype (and influencer) you’re most like:

You consider Uber to be your BFF, always there when you need a ride, no matter the time or state of the day. All-Star Heroes, like travel and lifestyle blogger Kryz Uy, call on Uber to help them traverse through the busy streets of Manila, Cebu, or anywhere in the world.

As an explorer, you don’t limit yourself to just one spot in the world; travel is your life and you’ve made Uber a part of that life. You’ve not only used Uber to find your way around Manila or Cebu, but also around every city you’ve visited in 2017. Much like Jess Wilson, you’ve found that discovering new places is much more enjoyable in the backseat of an Uber.

Riding in style is how you roll. Just as Martine Cajucom uses Uber Blacks to get to where she needs to be, Lux Riders enjoy the finer things in life, even when it comes to their modes of transportation. For you, It’s not just about the destination, but about the journey as well.

Going the distance is your favorite pastime. Much like actor Patrick Sugui, you’ve passed through multiple cities, clocked in serious time, and maybe even made a few friends along the way, with your Uber driver or your Uberpool mates. As the Road Tripper, hanging out in a car for most of the day doesn’t phase you; it completes your day.

Night Riders like you, Jason Magbanua and Marco Gumabao, enjoy life in the dark hours. While everyone else is tucked in bed, you’re just about to book your Uber to meet your friends or get to work. You depend on Uber to help you get out of the house, but also to help you get back safely.

Early Birds get the worm. Like Slater Young and Nicole Andersson, you’re all about making the most of the time the sun’s out. You love to be productive and with most of your Uber trips booked before the clock strikes noon, you’re sure to check off majority of your checklist just as people are about to head to lunch.

In between the Night Riders and the Early Birds is you, the Midday Wanderer. You’re always relying on Uber to help you get to your next meeting, or even to help you run your errands, like Saab Magalona. Accomplishing your day’s to-do list is a high priority for you, and taking an Uber is what helps you do just that.


Want to know which influencer you match with? Visit to find out how you moved in 2017, and which archetype (and celebrity) you’re most like.


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