Find out how these devoted street teams support the local music scene

Find out how these devoted street teams support the local music scene

We take a look at the groups supporting Clara Benin, Reese Lansangan, Keiko Necesario, and Leanne and Naara, and why they do what they do.

It starts with a random occurence — a curious Google search, a recommended YouTube video, or a quest to find more local music. Asking fans to pinpoint the exact moment they went crazy for the object of their obsession often sparks a long conversation. So of course the only logical thing to do would be to look for other like-minded people to fangirl (or fanboy) with.

Street teams, like fan clubs, are groups founded and run by fans who admire a musician, actor, or a generally noteworthy person. While the original concept of street teams made use of physical promotions like handing out posters and merch, in recent years a lot of the work’s been done online.

From online forums to Facebook, and now Twitter, it’s easier than ever to find fellow fans who are just as crazy about the subject. While we all know how devoted local fans can be (*cough* AlDub Nation *cough*), it’s only recently that we’ve seen the concept applied on a smaller scale, with new street teams sprouting up to support musicians like Clara Benin, Reese Lansangan, Keiko Necesario, and Leanne and Naara.

Composed of mostly students and a few working people between the ages of 12 to 30, these groups get to work their magic both online and IRL, thanks to the more intimate nature of gigs, even interacting with their so-called idols after shows. The time and dedication put into supporting an artist is no joke, so we asked four street teams about their origins and how they operate.

Clarafied (@_clarafied)

Artist: Clara Benin

Date founded: August 2012

Number of core members: 2

Clarafied’s founders, both students who live outside Manila, consider themselves social media managers. When Shiela opened a fan Twitter account for Clara Benin after hearing the song Closure in 2012, she didn’t think her love for the musician would lead to her becoming the head of a full-blown organization. Gail, Clarafied’s second manager, came into the picture after winning a Clarafied giveaway contest. The pair now operate as a partnership, supporting Clara by regularly reposting performance schedules, artist collabs, album teasers, and other announcements. They also connect with other fans through online initiatives like #CBfanartfriday, where they feature Clara Benin-inspired fan-art, and #CBspotlightsunday, where they post fan-made covers of Clara’s songs.

“As a fan, being a part of a street team for a local artist can make you do more than just buying albums or streaming online. Knowing that your support means a lot to an artist struggling to find a place in the local music scene makes all the effort worth it.”

Clarafied members organized a fan letter initiative called Carrots for Clara  | Photo courtesy of Clarafied

The Crop Tops (@TheCropTops)

Artist: Keiko Necesario

Date founded: April 2017

Number of core members: 15

The Crop Tops got their fandom name from an inside joke that started last year when singer Keiko Necesario went on Instagram Live. Keiko was cooking a midnight snack, and someone left a comment saying “magluluto lang, naka crop top pa”, referencing the singer’s fondness for cropped shirts. One of the group’s founders, CJ, made a Twitter account right away and tweeted Keiko, who then RTed. From then on, Keiko fans (or as Keiko calls them, “frands” a combination of the words friends and fans) started following their Twitter account. It is managed by 15 admins, including CJ, Cy, Lyka, Shar, and Norie.  

Nowadays, the group supports Keiko by sharing her gig announcements and attending gigs together (where Keiko even spends time with them). Since they’re a generally new street team, they haven’t been organizing as many activities.

“Our social media accounts became the path to gather Keiko’s fans which in turn gives them the opportunity to meet and greet her.”

Keiko and her “frands” (a combination of the words ‘friends” and “fans”) hanging out at one of her gigs | Photo courtesy of  The Crop Tops

LN Buddies (@LNBuddies)

Artist: Leanne and Naara

Date founded: April 2017

Number of core members: 21

Over a year ago, indie-pop duo Leanne and Naara were “shookt” when the original LN Buddies approached them with the idea of a street team. The members sent the two a list of proposed street team names, and it was LN Buddies that stuck. Now, they have a secret Facebook group (in case you’re wondering: you have to fill out a membership form before they add you) where members get to fangirl together, all while getting first dibs on activities and updates.

While the Facebook group has 21 members at the moment, there are four core members in charge of main operations. Kai is head control, Len is social media coordinator, Ara is art and project coordinator, and Lea is gig and event representative.

“The great thing about supporting local artists and being part of their street team is that you get to enjoy their music live and see them more often. You also get the chance to spend it with the people who share the same love to this scene. A bonus is when fan-artist friendship blooms.”

The LN Buddies with Leanne and Naara | Photo courtesy of LN Buddies

Batang Lansangan (@reesekids)

Artist: Reese Lansangan

Date founded: June 2015

Number of core members: 8

It was singer Reese Lansangan herself who came up with her street team’s clever name. Reese Kids, or formally, Batang Lansangan was formed after founder Ara (who is also part of LN Buddies) asked Reese if she could make a street team for her. Ara, who has had experience in street teams for artists like Katy Perry and Justin Bieber, says that being part of an international fandom “gives you a larger community, but being part of a local artist fandom gives you more time to meet the artist, plus it is easier since they go to gigs regularly in bars and cafés that are near and have cheaper tickets and door charges.”

With over 2,600 followers on Twitter and 1,574 Facebook likes, they are the biggest and most active local street team online The Batang Lansangan core group consists of eight members, with Ara as the decision maker, Kai as the secretary, Watson as the head for projects,  Roxx as the head for tech and socials, Rai as the graphic designer, and Jodie, Aine and Aly for manpower.

They even have a form for you to answer if you want to be a member of their secret Facebook group. Other activities include Twitter Game Nights and the RK HOHOL, which is an annual celebration for Reese’s birthday.

Reese and her Reese Kids at RK Hohol, an annual gathering organized by and for her fans | Photo courtesy of Batang Lansangan


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