Ferdinand Marcos Jr. is really bad at relating to young people

Art by Ina Jacobe

There are few things more annoying than corrupt authorities trying to ride, as they might say, what kids are into nowadays.

A few days before Valentine’s Day, Bongbong Marcos — or, Ferdinand Marcos Jr., which is a name we should call him more often — released a Q&A on romantic love and whether forever exists. It’s pretty much “How do you do, fellow kids?” in real life — a shrivelled fruit pit of a man hopelessly out of touch with the concerns of the youth, thinking a clip that tries to answer the question of whether forever exists will absolve him or his family of their violent, dishonest history. Here’s another clip of him saying he likes getting his wife flowers and chocolates. Congratulations, Blimblam! This is apparently all we needed to humanize and forgive you! Instead of, y’know, you actually owning up to the atrocities your father committed during Martial Law.

Now we’re being invited to watch out for Bingbung in the next episode of Isabelle Daza’s web show “Haters Gonna Hate,” where local celebrities read mean tweets about themselves and try very, very hard to be funny. Wow, yes. Here it is, folks. “Haters gonna hate,” Bumbum will utter, and the country will finally be at peace. Historians will kneel and weep! Victims of human rights abuse will throw petals at his feet! The ground will open up and Socrates’s reanimated corpse will greet Ferdinand Marcos Jr. with a high five. “Haters gonna hate… oh my God, you guys” he’ll say, in tears. “Such stunning rhetoric! Truly, I know nothing.”

But for real. It’s one thing to say “Haters gonna hate” when someone doesn’t dig on your fashion sense, it’s another thing to say that to a parent who lost their child to kidnapping and torture during Martial Law.

F*** this dude for thinking a couple of contrived PR stunts are enough to turn the tide of public opinion in his favor. Stupid. If they were meant to be distractions from the anniversary of People Power, they were poorly done. If they’re part of his attempt to claim the seat of the vice presidency, he’s got another thing coming. If forever exists, it’s because he refuses to change and we’re all going to stay angry. If haters gonna hate, then we will gladly indulge him.


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