This exhibit proves that the history of Philippine cinema is so much bigger than we realize

What comes to mind when you think “national cinema”? Is it a montage of cheesy rom coms and dramas shot in foreign countries, fantasies with substandard CGI, overt displays of poverty porn?

You’ll notice that the one thing these images have in common is that they’re usually full-length features. Whether indie or mainstream, they’ve contributed to our singular notion of what makes a Filipino film.

A new exhibit by the Filipinas Heritage Library and curated by renowned filmmaker and professor Nick Deocampo urges you to think otherwise. “Hidden Cinema: The Virtual Experience of Philippine Cinema’s Centenary” is designed to expand what we know about our country’s film culture, which turns out to be very rich and diverse once you get rid of that Manila-centric view.

Hidden Cinema: The Virtual Experience of Philippine Cinema’s Centenary runs until Aug. 5 at Ayala  Museum

National cinema is a short film. It’s also a documentary, a music video, or even a home movie.  Through a selection of 100 films, Deocampo presents a “rhizomatic”, non-linear development of all the various genres that are overshadowed by the commercial offerings that we know and love.

Film friends, listen up: fill up on popcorn, suspend what you already know about film, and get ready to be schooled on Philippine movie heritage.


The exhibition is presented in partnership with Samsung and the Center for New Cinema. It runs until Aug. 5 at the 2F, Ayala Museum. For more information, visit the Filipinas Heritage Library Facebook Page.

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