Why is everyone freaking out about the new Blackpink comeback?

Photo via Blackpink

If you’ve been seeing your mutuals suddenly tweeting or changing their @s to variations of DDU-DU DDU-DUs on your feed lately, don’t panic. No, it’s not Baby Shark rising up from the graveyard of once-viral dances. Definitely not morse code for a cult gathering to overthrow the system either.

It is, however, a revolution. A revolution colored equal parts black and pink, topped off with a whole lotta sass and bomb looks. That’s right: after almost a year of keeping us stans hungry, K-pop girl group Blackpink is back in our area with a new EP.

Still not getting the drift? If you’re new to K-Pop, you might be familiar with Blackpink’s agency, YG Entertainment, home of groups like Big Bang (G-Dragon!) and 2NE1 (any self-respecting Filipino has to know Sandara Park). Blackpink debuted in 2016, and has since released six songs total pretty modest in K-Pop terms.   

In the K-Pop industry, it’s common for most of the bigger acts to have multiple comebacks (a.k.a new music releases) in a year. Comeback cycles usually kick off with the release of an EP or album along with a music video for its title track, followed by a string of performances on Korean music shows. Once their promotional period ends, it’s back to the studio to prepare for the next one and vice versa.  



Since this is YG we’re talking about, Blackpink’s case is quite different. We waited 11 months for their new EP “Square Up” with only six songs to get us by. Six. Songs. I mean, they were really good songs but still.

Going for that long without feeding the stans is a risky move for any group, more so if you’re relatively new like Blackpink. To put things into perspective: 2017 saw three comebacks each for the girl groups Red Velvet and GFriend, and a whopping four for Twice. So you’d understand why people were accusing YG of doing them dirty. But for a group to maintain their momentum while breaking records and scoring magazine features and endorsement deals in the process despite the lack of new material  that’s what you call power, friends.


This brings me to “Square Up”, which, to the disappointment of some fans who expected more, is another mini-album that features four songs. Title track DDU-DU DDU-DU makes use of onomatopoeia that member Jennie says can be interpreted as either “the sound of a gunshot, or the sense that [they’re] casting a powerful spell.” The track and video have so far spurred mixed reactions from people who’ve been waiting for it for what seems like ages, with some praising the group and others drawing comparisons to their labelmates, 2NE1.

One thing’s for sure, though: the whole album is poppin’ and you best bet that we’ll be hitting people with that Ddu-du ddu-du while waiting for the next comeback. And hopefully this means the end of the reign of MOMOLAND’s Bboom Bboom, which is playing everywhere nowadays because Nancy sorta kinda looks like Liza Soberano.


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