Ourselves the Elves released a new song and we’re like, crying

Photo by Ina Jacobe

The last time Ourselves the Elves officially released any new music as a group was the “Geography Lessons” EP of 2016, so yeah, it’s been a while. We’re thankful that we get to start 2018 right with a new song from one of the best bands in the local music scene.

On the evening of December 31, the band released Okay Okay I’m Wrong I’m Sorry on their Bandcamp, a song about avoiding conflict to keep a relationship going, and how that might not necessarily be a good thing. This song isn’t exactly new though — it’s part of the official soundtrack of 2 Cool 2 Be 4Gotten, a film about love and loss that happens to have these beautiful boys in it. But like most good local indie films, 2 Cool was pushed out of the spotlight before it could truly shine, so of course its soundtrack would yield little to any attention. So the fact that this song exists in Bandcamp form is something to be thankful for.

The band put the song out on their Facebook with the caption: “If 2017 was filled with wounds, it’s now time to own up to past mistakes. Time to build stronger relationships, admit you’re wrong when you are, and stop pretending you’re wrong when you aren’t.” A great resolution to start the new year with, if we’ve ever heard one.


You can listen to the new song on the band’s Bandcamp page.


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