Eight denim pieces making a comeback

In fashion, what’s trending now is not necessarily new. Styles from previous decades can make a comeback because of their vintage appeal. Just take a look at denim. Haven’t we all searched through our parents’ wardrobes for denim pants and jackets that we could still wear — and carry with flair?

Besides mom’s or dad’s baul, we could also look at Mango’s AW17 collection, which features vintage-inspired denim pieces for both men and women.

Not just for moms

They’re called mom jeans but you don’t have to be one to rock this cut. Best paired with trendy cropped tops or gingham shirts.

Flare it on

Retro rules with flared pants, which have been making a reappearance on international fashion runways. You can take the look to the boardroom with suits and killer heels.

Biker boys

Man up with these vintage denim jackets — wearable when you’re braving a rainy day, riding your favorite motorbike or just showing your style.

The return of jumpers

Jumpers are back this year, so don’t be left out. Keep it simple by wearing plain, monotone shirts under them.

Feeling femme

Laidback jeans get a feminine feel with floral embroideries. Throw on a chiffon kimono and wear a floral headdress for that bohemian vintage look.

Light wash

The lighter the better — so it seems with these light denim washes that complement all skin tones and suit both men and women.

No cringe, just fringe

Fringe originated from the flapper fashion of the 1920s. Today, you can add fringe to denim and have fun dressing up.

Can’t go wrong

More denim-centric items for when you just want to dress comfortable and cozy.

For more of Mango’s Denim Special AW Collection, visit the Mango website or Mango stores nationwide.


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