Echosmith’s new single ‘Goodbye’ is your new cry-dancing anthem

Art by Ina Jacobe

The thing about working with your closest friends and family members is that things can almost always go haywire. But when they don’t, you see each other grow into people you’ve always expected everyone to be. All of a sudden, the hard times don’t seem so bad.

Enter: Echosmith. Siblings Sydney, Jamie, Noah, and Graham Sierota formed the band back in 2009. You may have bopped your head to their double-platinum track Cool Kids because of the catchy sound and maybe in agreement as if to say yes, we do want to be one of the cool kids. “Everybody experiences that desire to fit in or that feeling of being left out or not being good enough. It’s crazy to see so many people around the world relate to that story,” says 20-year-old Sydney, the band’s vocalist, over our phone interview.

At such a young age, the band captures the joys and pains of growing up in these times, but they do so with the hope that things will be better in the future. Their single Goodbye, off of their new album “Inside A Dream,” is the perfect example of that. “Goodbye is a song about being hurt by somebody and having to say goodbye to a relationship,” shares Sydney. She admits that this track is a bit darker to what they usually write but this honesty is what brings their fans closer together, sharing a common experience that is finding and losing love, no matter what shape or form.

We chatted with Sydney about their inspiration, what Cool Kids mean to them now, and how Goodbye affects their listeners.

What’s it like working with your siblings?

We just love each other so much. It’s the perfect environment to have fun and do right by each other. It definitely changed a lot when Jamie left the band. Before he officially quit, he actually decided to take a break from touring for about a year. We’re always gonna be close forever. Even though he’s not in the band, we still hang out so much at home and get to really stay close which is really nice.


Fast forward to 2017, now that you’re part of the cool crew, did your song Cool Kids’ meaning change for you?

Of course it’s changed. So many people relate to that song around the world. It made the song mean even more to us. Even though we get to tour and hear our song on the radio, there are still moments when I won’t feel good enough or feel bummed because of the insecurity that we have. Everybody struggles with that even if you have some success. I still relate to the song. If anything, it grew closer and closer to me.

At the end of the day, we all go through hard times but it’s about getting out of those and having a healthy perspective and acknowledging what you’re going through.

Your new single Goodbye balances dreamy pop sound and sentimental lyrics. What do you think this says about your listeners?

Even though Goodbye was written while we were in a hard place, the fact that it can make people feel good is really awesome. At the end of the day, we all go through hard times but it’s about getting out of those and having a healthy perspective and acknowledging what you’re going through. We hope that can be seen in our new music and that our album captures that because it’s really who we are and what we stand for.


Any tips for aspiring artists especially when working with someone close to you?

No matter who you’re working with, like a close friend or a complete stranger, it’s important to have that healthy perspective. It’s going to be challenging sometimes but you have to keep going and be intentional about making that relationship the best it can be. It doesn’t naturally happen. Continue to work hard and not give up if you really love it.


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