A community-building bazaar that aims to save the planet

A few days ago, we sat down with Jeannie Javelosa of Great Women, a local organization that helps empower women by giving them business opportunities. She says that if she were to choose between a commercially made product or a product crafted by a woman, she will always choose the latter. Such simple act tells the maker that her work matters, hence inspiring her to keep going. I think the same concept goes for buying local and eco-friendly products.

People often buy these brands to support artisans and homegrown talents. But above all else, they do it because these are good quality products. Their stories hit close to home and the items are designed to t the Filipino market. Local and eco-friendly products are becoming easier to find all thanks to mini bazaars by both pro t and non-profit organizations. One bazaar that stands out is Muni Market. Started by Jen Horn, Muni aims to build a community for mindful living. It’s not just about channeling Marie Kondo anymore; with a summer that keeps on moving because of global warming, it’s also all about saving the planet.

On April 8-9, different merchants will be having a bazaar at Capitol Commons, Pasig. From organic food to cruelty- and toxic-free products, Muni Market is the perfect place to spend your moolah without feeling guilty. Aside from selling products, Muni Market also champions consumer education. There will be talks on reimagining local fashion, responsible travel, and zero waste living happening on that weekend. There will also be live performances by We Are Imaginary, Mellow Submarine, Humanfolk, and Six The Northstar to name a few. If you’re looking to make a shift in conscious living and — let’s not deny this — be more like Marie Kondo, Muni Market is the perfect gateway event.

Check out Muni Market on April 8-9, 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. at Capitol Commons, Pasig. For more information, visit http://muni.com.ph.


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