When it comes to making a bold statement, the founders of IGK hair products know what’s up

Anyone who’s ever dared to go bold with their hair knows the struggle of weighing the pros and cons. It is a physical, mental and emotional process, from finding the courage to get that blunt cut to sitting on the salon coloring chair for hours and scouring the city for the perfect products to maintain your new ‘do. And while it’s just hair, this self-care step plays a role in bigger things like self-esteem and self-empowerment.

The best thing about that entire process is being able to make positive choices for yourself. Ever wonder why going bold with your hairstyles has always seemed like such a power move whenever you catch a bad case of self-doubt? (We’ve all dreamed of dyeing our hair blue at least once after a breakup.) It’s because hair care isn’t simply about keeping your tresses “under control” anymore. We’re all for the freedom of expressing ourselves in every aspect of our lives and, lucky for us, innovative hair stylists Leo Izquierdo, Franck Izquierdo, Aaron Grenia and Chase Kusero believe that, too. They took the queries of customers in their salons in New York, Los Angeles and Miami as market research and developed a series of bomb hair care products. Named after the first letters of the founders’ last names, IGK products are basically created to be your new “get ready with me” BFFs — helping you achieve any look, all while keeping your tresses at their healthiest.

The products launch in the Philippines through Sephora, and we had a quick chat with the founders of IGK over email about how they first became interested in hair, the importance of consciously made products, and investing in good locks.

Hair friend: IGK products are basically created to be your new “get ready with me” BFFs | Photo via igkhair

YOUNG STAR: When people think of beauty, skincare and makeup usually come to mind first. What got you interested in hair?

Aaron Grenia: It felt like an artistic outlet. I didn’t come from an artistic family but I wanted to feel like an artist. I could never draw, so when I became obsessed with hair I felt like, “That’s it. That’s my creative expression.” It seemed super cool; it seemed different. I’ve always searched for that.


It’s cool that IGK products don’t just help customers achieve amazing looks; they keep hair healthy as well. How important is it to be conscious about the ingredients you put on your hair?

Franck Izquierdo: It’s important to us that our products are vegan, and that they are gluten-free and free from sulfates, parabens, petrolatum and mineral oil. We’re constantly pushing for new ingredients and technologies that allow us to stay at the forefront of hair care innovation without compromising our values. It’s important to us from an ethical standpoint, and we think it’s safer for you. About 60 percent of things you put on your skin can be absorbed into your bloodstream; we want to be as safe as possible.


IGK products are formulated based on the needs of your clients and their lifestyles. How much has hair care evolved and where do you think it’s headed?

Aaron: Recently, we’ve seen hair color take over and set the tone for the needs of the hair. Especially lately, with brighter colors becoming popular, a lot of my clients need deeper hydration, and products to help maintain their color. We’re also seeing people pay more attention to their scalp health. With all of the products and dry shampoo people are using, they’re being more mindful of their scalp health as a foundation for how healthy their hair is.


Self-care and self-esteem go hand in hand. What advice can you give to encourage people to invest in good hair?

Chase Kusero: Investing in good hair care doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive. At minimum, you just need a few solid products for your routine that benefit your scalp and hair. You need products that will give you a healthy foundation and restore damage. For a basic routine, it would depend on your hair type and the look you’re going for but it’s always a good idea to have a hydrating shampoo and conditioner.

IGK will be available on www.sephora.ph starting April 29.

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