This children’s play is a counter-narrative to today’s violence

Given all of the chaos and negativity in today’s society, it can be easy to maintain a hopeful outlook on the future. This September, we celebrate Peace Month all around the world. What better way to cap the month off than with a round of entertainment?   

Luckily, Create and Learning Paths School, a progressive K-12 school, is staging an original production called Mga Tanod ni Kalinaw, a musical that incorporates a mythology angle and aims to be a counter-narrative to all the violence and conflict.

Here are some things that’ll psych you up to watch the musical:

The story revolves around peace and diversity

Told through a somewhat mythical narrative, the show follows four peacekeeping guardians as they struggle to maintain order in four worlds. So it’s like Avatar: The Last Airbender, except with Filipino characters.

It’s a musical with original songs

No shortage of talent in this school, as the song lyrics were originally written by CLP’s teachers. The songs in this version were composed and arranged by professional songwriters and musicians Chi Datu-Bocobo, Tristan Suguitan and Pepe Manikan.

The play is written by an award-winning children’s book author and students from preschool to high school.

The idea for Mga Tanod ni Kalinaw came about during a peace writing workshop for students from, well, preschool to high school. Author Kristine V. Canon (CLP’s executive director and author of the Adarna classic Bakit Matagal ang Sundo Ko?) churned out a script, and from there they reached out to teachers and students to help bring the words to life. A whole school collaborating on an original production? We’re getting some major High School Musical vibes over here.

Proceeds will benefit schools in Maguindanao and Marawi

CLP partnered with the organization Teach Peace Build Peace Philippines, which will be donating the proceeds from the production to Tatak Elementary and Hadji Salaik Kalaing Elementary Schools in Mamasapano, Maguindanao and to the psychosocial intervention project “One With Marawi”.

For tickets, call (02) 828-8380 or 09175374165


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