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MANILA, Philippines – Admit it. There has got to be a point in your life when you wondered what happens at the It Girl table. Do they consistently wear pink on Wednesdays? Do they have really ask someone else to butter their muffins? The It Girl table looks so cool and sparkly (probably because of all the glitter lip gloss) that sitting there seems like the best thing in the world. At least that’s what pop culture wants us to think.

Being in a girl clique isn’t all about examining your nail beds and shopping at the mall. Believe it or not, the It Girl table isn’t the only place to be. The world is a giant cafeteria and there are tons of tables you can choose from. Just explore your choices and you’ll find a group where you can freely explore your skills and have a solid support group.

Check out these online girl clubs you can join without the hassle of auditioning. The best part is, you can sit at any of their tables and nobody will get into a cat fight.

— Maine Manalansan

1. DesignHerStory

Celebrity queen bee: Sarah Kay

About the table: Founded by Wanderrgirl Arriane Serafico, DesignHerStory is a community of young go-getting women who want to affect change in the world through creativity. Aside from the Facebook group, they also hold conferences featuring local #girlbosses and other women of talent.

How to sign up: Join their Facebook group “DesignHerStory Community” and share your current passion project. Who knows, you might just find a sister who can help you out.

2. Better Story Project

Celebrity queen bee: Amy Poehler

About the table:  If you like summer camps and girl power workshops, then you fit right in Better Story Project. From doing your own thing to discussions about women in media, the community inspires taking control of your own story and inspiring other girls to do the same.

How to sign up: Like their Facebook page and get updates on their upcoming workshops https://www.facebook.com/TheBetterStoryProject.

3. Queencult

Queen bee: Brigitte Bardot

About the table: From sweet Audrey Hepburn to cool girl Sarah Meier, Queencult takes their cues from powerful and iconic women from the ‘60s to the present. The Instagram-based community is all about bite-size quotes of empowerment and images that inspire you to be bold and daring and to embrace your sexuality.

How to sign up: Follow their Instagram @Queencult for your daily dose of encouragement.

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