This is how you can get a quality meal in ten minutes

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We’ve all been there. After a long day, you stand in line waiting for a shuttle or Grab home, making a ten-year plan in traffic just ‘cause you can (or you need to). A million other things run through your mind, too. One of them being: what’s for dinner? Or better yet: do I still have the energy to make dinner?

Chefs Jen and Jeremy Slagle, the team behind food brand Mr. Delicious, found themselves asking the same question. They, like us, live in a city where traffic and work can box you in, leaving you with options that are less than what you want. They wondered if it was possible to have restaurant-quality ready-to-eat meals from the comfort of our homes and with Everyday Foods, they found the solution.

It all sounds too good to be true: a restaurant-quality meal just by boiling a food bag for 10 minutes? We’re not kidding. This might be the future of meals.

An easier way for people to eat better, the products in the Everyday Foods line are designed to meet you on your terms, in a way that suits your lifestyle. All you need is a pot of boiling water and you can have a hot meal in 10 minutes, with no mess and no smell.

Prepared in their FDA-certified facility, they use the same techniques and slow cooking methods of the restaurants they worked in. All the meals and meats are made to give you an alternative to eating out, but still be high quality and affordable. The products are all blast-frozen and vacuum sealed to preserve them at the peak of freshness and quality (a product can be stocked in the freezer for up to six months!).

All you need is a pot of boiling water and you can have a hot meal in 10 minutes, with no mess and no smell.

Everyday Foods was born out of a need: a hassle-free way to have meals. And really, the 10 minutes freed up is a bonus. Here are some things you can do while waiting for your food to cook:

Let your inner chef take over

Why bring back the hassle of preparing a meal, you ask? Some of the offerings in Everyday Foods, such as the vegan-friendly Soy-rizo and Pork Carnitas, can be reimagined as other dishes. Tacos would be your safest bet (just bring out taco shells, and preparing a salsa dip won’t even take you 10 minutes), but the possibilities are plenty. If you’re feeling a bit extra, get some garnishes out too.

The night’s watch

Be it YouTube or Netflix, the amount of things you can watch can be overwhelming. Do I need to watch the latest episode of Unsolved? Should I give The Dragon Prince a try? Can I really watch Brooklyn Nine-Nine again and again? Take your 10 minutes to sift through the content and once you’re done, dinner’s served – pretty sure Everyday Food’s Beef Brisket Caldereta and Chef’s Table would go well together.

Self-care is key

While having Everyday Food’s Ham Hock Fabada does feel like self-care, it don’t stop there. 10 minutes is enough to put on that face mask you bought from BeautyMNL (READ: Here’s where you have to go if you need top recos for local skincare and beauty).  Play that welcome home playlist on Spotify for added relaxation, maybe bring out those essential oils too. It’s been a long day, you deserve it.

Order online, have your meals delivered, and stop worrying about dinner. Meals from Everyday Foods are available online at Check them out on Facebook and Instagram.

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