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The Wanderland Music & Arts Festival is just a few weeks away, and pretty much everyone and their mom is gearing to go. The Globe Circuit Events Ground will be home to this much-loved festival on April 25, as it has been since 2013. This year’s theme is all about the glory days of summer camp, bonfire and all, so you can be sure that it’ll be a scorcher in more ways than one. In between prepping for the festival with your favorite picnic blanket to your trusty sunscreen, we’ve come up with 10 reasons to get you even more revved up for the big day. Convinced yet? We thought so.


#1: The festival space is pretty legitwanderland2015_1
With all the cool things you can do at Wanderland, it feels pretty great knowing that it’s all under that warm Manila sun and when the evening rolls in, the bright lights of the city. Roam around the Globe Circuit Events Ground all you want—there’s plenty of room for an adventure waiting to happen.


#2: The themes are always cool.


The first Wanderland festival had a straight-up music festival vibe, followed by a carnival theme the year after. This year, get to relive those Joe Jonas/Demi Lovato Camp Rock dreams complete with scout badges, smores, and maybe even a summer fling with your longtime crush. (Finally.)


#3 There’s great music, of course.


There’s certainly a buffet of great music in store at the festival. This year promises to treat audiophiles to a bit of everything: hip hop, indie pop, indie rock, synthpop, electronica, electropop, folk, OPM, and piano pop.


#4 You get a chance to enjoy 11 artists for the price of one.


Wanderland’s headliners are Kid Cudi, RAC, Augustana, Youngblood Hawke, The Jungle Giants, and Lewis Watson. Locally, they’ve got Hale, SINYMA, and Kate Torralba. The finish off the lineup is this year’s Wanderband winners The Strange Creatures and Austin. You got all you need in once concert, really.


#5 Live art gets a chance to shine, too.wanderland2015_5

The creative pool gets deeper at Wanderland, with artists creating pieces on the ground. In between sets, festival goers can enjoy exhibitions by visual artists June Digan, Kris Abrigo, and Tokwa Peñaflorida.


#6 Dead air? What dead air?


There’s not a dull moment to be had at the festival—the beat-makers have got you covered. Local acts like CRWN, FXXXYBLNT, BP Valenzuela, The After-School Special, and Similar Objects will be sharing a stage to keep the party going in all corners of the space.


#7 Everybody gets to be friends.wanderland2015_7

Wanderland is more than just a festival; it’s a community of people who love music, arts, and creativity. It’s a chance to meet new people with common interests, besides your college blockmates. Who knows—your new BFF might just be someone from a rival school.


#8 You will never run out of things to do.wanderland2015_8

Like any good camp, Wanderland has a great selection of outdoor activities. There’s archery, silly ducky, sling, tug-o-war, and step-by-step, all waiting for you. Bring extra clothes, ‘cause you will love to get down and dirty to win prizes.


#9 There will be food. A lot of food.wanderland015_9You can enjoy music on an empty stomach, said no one ever. Wanderland can’t be complete without happy tummies. The festival will offer a great list of food—from snacks to cold drinks that you can enjoy as you go through the day’s activities.


#10 You might just get to meet your idols.


The open ground isn’t exclusive to festival goers. You may not have won a meet and greet pass but you’d be surprised—your favorite artists might just be roaming around in search of a Coke Zero. You should definitely keep your eyes open for a potential photo-op.


* * *
Tickets to Wanderland are up for grabs at SM Tickets outlets, or visit www.smtickets.com. Wanderland Camp 2015 is a music and arts festival by Karpos Multimedia Inc., presented by Globe & Locally. Co-presented by: Fox & Starworld. Official Apparel: Topshop Topman. Official Alcoholic Beverage: Smirnoff Mule. For more information visit www.wanderlandfestival.com, facebook.com/wanderlandfest, or follow Wanderland on Twitter and Instagram @wanderlandfest.



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