Calling all tender boys and girls to The Yard

Calling all tender boys and girls to The Yard

Sisters and artists Carina and Isabel Santos have created pins, patches, and totes that are always rooting for you.

Going through The Yard’s Instagram usually takes my breath away — in a “Damn, let’s pause for a moment for the repose of my feelings long-buried” kind of way. This tiny corner of the Internet that sells pins and patches by sisters and artists Carina and Isabel Santos are unflinching in their insistence to take their broken hearts and turn them into art.

Set up some time in late 2013 and inspired by “the rush we got pawing at commodified art at museum gift shops,” the Santos sisters’ little venture started with fandom-related tote bags (think Death Star, Tardis, Platform 9 3/4) and have since refined their sense of what gets produced from the overflow of their ideas.

The Yard’s latest collection of patches revolves around themes of women empowerment and expressing emotions, featuring tasteful and subtle pop culture references.

“Our store is the result of this strange and mutual need or impulse to make something out of our experiences,” Carina says. Winning with clear eyes and full hearts, they’re not afraid to get personal about things that matter to them, like women empowerment and feminism, gender and sexuality, and mental health. “The statements are definitely consciously made, and I hope what we make comes across… as some symbol of solidarity that says, ‘You are not alone,” or like a hug or something.”

Bearing the pins and patches of The Yard can feel like becoming mini billboards for the state of our souls, or brief and visual love letters to our similarly afflicted. For example, they sell a pin of a half-consumed packet of pills, or a bright pink patch with a field and text below that goes, “I stayed as long as I could.” (That one always makes me pause.)

They also sell hand-printed totes, such as the dip-dyed Ocean tote, pictured above.

So what can we look forward to from The Yard this year? More pins and patches, some totes, and a new line.  Oh, and: “There is a Noah pin in the works, for sure,” Carina shares, referring to their adorable boy-dog and burgeoning canine influencer.

And for those aspiring to start their own businesses making stuff they love? “My best advice is to not put off anything until the last minute!” Carina says. “Be it design deadlines, Instagram posts, inventory updates, or shipping times — make a schedule and stick with it.”

Previous patches have tackled mental health, escapism, and statements of solidarity.


You can buy the beautiful and thoughtful pieces from The Yard at their website, or through their Instagram account.

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