BTS, EXO, and Blackpink are the most streamed K-Pop artists in the Philippines


K-Pop’s growing worldwide influence is undeniable. It’s rare for any non-American or British band to make it big worldwide (and without the help of Hollywood greats), but with little things like BTS performing at major U.S. talk shows, and a Blackpink MV appearing in a Batman trailer, it’s fair to say that the focus of the pop music industry is shifting steadily .

Filipinos play a major part in this shift, as K-Pop’s been big in the country ever since the K-Drama wave began in 2003. We’ve been packing arenas and swarming fan meets religiously for years, so the announcement that next year’s Golden Disc Awards (a.k.a a major Korean awards show) would be held in the Philippines was a solid indicator of how big the K-Pop market is in the country —imagine breathing the same air as almost all of our biases at the same time?

Never underestimate the power of Filipino K-Pop fans. To put data behind what we already know, we asked Eve Tan, Team Lead for Editorial & Content of Spotify Asia to back us up. Here are some insights from the interview.

Filipinos are huge K-Pop fans.
We know what you’re thinking: way to point out the obvious, guys. Putting concrete data into this analysis, Eve says that Philippine Spotify users are the top K-Pop streamers in Asia, and second globally.

BTS, EXO, and Blackpink are the country’s most streamed K-Pop artists.
EXO-Ls, ARMYs, and Blinks: You’re doing great, sweeties. And as an aside — did anyone else see their lives flash before them after seeing those electronic BTS billboards along EDSA? Just us? Okay.

More girls tend to listen to K-Pop.
A majority of the users are female or identify as female and are between the ages of 18 to 24 — a fact that kind of puts the whole “only screaming teenyboppers are into K-Pop” to rest.

New K-Drama episodes boost K-Pop streams.
According to Eve, a new trend that they’ve been seeing is that after a new episode of Korean drama is aired, the number of streams for K-Pop increases. We’re streaming the While You Were Sleeping OST as we write this, so no arguments there.

Streaming patterns differ per country.
Spotify users in Mexico tend to hit play for songs by Korean boy groups; while, listeners in Brazil enjoy streaming K-Pop party tracks. In Singapore, many turn to Korean original soundtracks (OST) just as often as they watch Korean dramas. In the Philippines, Korean music is commonly streamed between 5PM to 8PM.



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